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HYHT: Fat Pat – Psychic Salami

I hope you are all hungry for some crunchy beats for this week’s Have you Heard this because it’s what’s on the menu! Fat Pat has prepared a delectable four course menu of tantalizing gourmet glitch with the help of a special blend of some of Calgary’s best purveyors of bass. Like a great meal, each course of this EP is distinct in its array of aural flavours but still retains a welcomed cohesiveness.

Fat Pat’s collaboration with Defunk called Rumble is the first track on the EP. Its seemingly calm intro descends into a flurry of sound when we get drop kicked off the top rope by that bassline! It is a punchy track in both a literal and figurative sense. The bassy bombardment of badass beats lasts long enough to leave you feeling like you just went 12 rounds with Muhammad Ali!

Psychic Salmi, the title track of this EP is the stand out track for me. This collaboration between Fat Pat and Benny B-Side is super relevant to my interests. First off there is that wickedly driving bassline, on top of that it doesn’t hurt that it is layered with samples from Akira (easily one of my favorite movies ever!). Psychic Salami would have been a solid track on its own, but it is elevated by a choice of samples that sound like they were recorded specifically for the track. As soon as I heard those unmistakable bells and chanting I knew I was going to like it – and as soon as that bassline kicked in I was completely sold. The track is seamless!

Thunderstorm is exactly that – With its slamming bass that echoes off in to an etherial electric snap, it delivers easily the hardest hitting track of the release. The bass rolls in like a super cell system and rains down a barrage of snare in downpour that leaves you soaked in sound.

The other stand out for me is the glitchy Asian infused track Ham Hop. The beginning plays lightly on the auditory palette and the heavy punch of bass juxtaposes nicely with the delicate traditional asian soundscape. Plus, even Ricky Bobby loves the idea of Jesus as a ninja fighting off evil samurai!


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Record Labels: Tycho Records / PK Sound

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