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HYHT: Dub Mafia

If you were to tell me that the members of Dub Mafia were all part of some sinister conspiracy to take over the musical world I would be the first to remove my tinfoil hat and swear allegiance  to our new supreme rulers.  I for one welcome our new drum and bass overlords and look forward to the dubplate of our new international anthem.

For those of you who haven’t familiarized yourself with our soon to be masters the Dub Mafia shame on you.  You are missing out on one of the most impressive live acts that the Drum and Bass scene has ever produced.  This seven piece ensemble has been rocking the European festival scene for over two years and aren’t showing any signs of slowing down.

Front-woman Eva Lazarus’ voice is smooth and delicious like Nuttella on freshly baked bread. Her ability and range allow for her to make transitions between genres seamlessly. Her voice, coupled with the amazing work of the rest of the band is a recipe for delicious beats! With Aron on synths, Snafu on decks, Johnzy on bass, Matt on guitar, Andrew on drums and Jago on percussion the end product is Drum and Bass that one just can’t get enough of.  As impressive as their music is, it becomes awe inspiring when you realize that they don’t use a backing track in any of their music.

Unfortunately Dub Mafia’s tours have been mostly limited to Europe.  Making a quick jaunt out to the colonies for Ultra Music Festival in 2011 has been the only large scale exposure that they’ve received in North America.  I suspect that soon enough we will be hearing more about Dub Mafia, but until then we will have to make due with their upcoming album and today’s free release.

So, my brothers and sisters in bass; take up arms against the tyranny of bad music!  The Dub Mafia will be your salvation!


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