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Huge News Flash for Shambhala Music Festival 2013!


Also, we have an inside scoop to share with you. We were on the farm over the July long weekend and got to see with our own eyes what the force of Mother Nature has done to the forest between The Fractal Forest and The Village Stage. A huge amount of the trees in that area have fallen down making all pathways impossible to go through. To ensure all the paths are open and safe for festival traffic many of the trees and brush need to be cleared out. It’s one huge job!

This news is quite shocking and breaks all of the staff and volunteers hearts. No one wants to clear out trees… But, Mother Nature’s plan can’t be stopped and the show must go on! We will all just have to make do with the new “haircut”.

Pictured above is the log bench between The Fractal Forest and The Village Stage, and pictured below is the main path from downtown. The other paths we couldn’t even get to!




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