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How a DJ saved our lives at Loki Music Festival 2012

This Canada Day Long weekend played out in such an amazing unexpected manner! First, our original plans of working at The Village were canceled due to flooding. Then, our idea of how our Loki experience was going to play out was completely turned upside down.

Our “tent” view.

We packed up our vehicle early in the day expecting to camp. By the time we met up with our friends Steve and Karen in Kaslo, it was dark and pouring rain. Setting up our camp in a thunder shower and mud did not at all sound like a great start to the weekend. So, right then and there we made the smart decision and decided to rent a hotel room. We checked in, put on all of our rain gear and headed out to Loki in one car.

It was pitch black and pouring buckets as we drove up to the two guys standing with a flashlight in the middle of the road. The road past this point was way too muddy to allow cars to continue forward and we would have to park it here. We had the choice of taking a shuttle or walking up the road for 20 minutes, and just as we had gathered everything up for the night a red SUV arrived. It was driven by the most amazing mom in the world who offered us a lift. She had such a great attitude, told us everything we needed to know, talked about her glory days in the 70’s and promised us we would have an amazing time once we got to the stage. “Just make it past the mud” were her words of wisdom. We came to a point where she said she couldn’t drive us in anymore and she told us to follow the sound of the bass and keep to the right.

The muddy roads in the daylight

We got out of the SUV and were instantly in shock at just how muddy it really was. This was well past that sort of mud your boot would get stuck in as a kid and it was everywhere! We trudged through a muddy gaunlet of twist and turns, treacherous obstacles, uphill and downhill all in complete disbeleif at what we were experiencing. The mud was unlike anything we’ve ever witness and was impossible to avoid. After what felt like a century of trudging through the mud the bass increased from a faint sound in the distance to the glorious in your face PK Sound familiarity we’ve come to love. The stage peeked out of the shadows like a shiny oasis of lights and magic with dancing fairies and fire blasting from the sides. Loki, call us impressed!

We found shelter on the dance floor under the huge tarp and were blasted by a wall of bass from Wakcutt and Bryxx. It wasn’t long before Loki threw up a Canada Day fireworks show for us as the entire festival sung our National Anthem together. Mark Instinct was up next but a friend of ours pulled us out of the main area and back through the muddy abyss claiming there was a renegade stage we had to check out. As the journey got deeper and deeper into the mud we started to not believe him, but low  and behold there we were at the Crow’s Nest with some familiar faces and chill tunes. Just like the mom in the SUV told us, we did end up having an amazing time. The rain did not dampen our spirits! Instead we had one mudtastic adventure.

It eventually became time to head back to our “tent”. This meant to walk all the way back to our car outside the gate and drive to our hotel in Kaslo. The only problem was that we had NO IDEA how to get back and our flashlights were all too quickly fading! We made an attempt on our own but just kept looping around on muddy pitch black roads with no one on them and feeling too scared to head down the side of a mountain path alone. This is mountain territory, and who knew what sort of bear, mountain lion or raver would be hiding in the shadows. We circled back to the festival, asking for directions but it seemed like no one spoke the same language anymore. It was at this point that Shaun from Glitchy & Scratchy found our lost souls in the mud and was on our same wave length. He understood us clearly on where we needed to go but the look on our faces told him we’d never figure it out on our own. Our hero proceeded to lead the way for us back to our car down the chaotic and tricky paths of Loki. Truly, a DJ saved our lives that night! (THANK YOU SHAUN!!)

This festival was properly named after Loki, the god of chaos and trickery. He truly pulled out all the stops to the promoters, talent, and attendees but in a mischievous and ultra fun manner. We were told by a friend before we even got to Loki the festival was rugged but fun. Just come prepared and that we did! The people who put on the Loki Music Festival handled this chaos very well and it truly showed on everyone’s faces there. We didn’t meet one person who wasn’t having a great time, despite the horrible weather and crappy camping conditions. Loki, we truly hope to meet you again next summer!

This guy did NOT come prepared. A prelude? On a muddy mountain top?

Now, we’re sitting here wondering, just how did all the cars that were on the festival grounds actually get out Monday morning? Did you get stuck at Loki?

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