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Festival Safety: 7 Tips to Stay Safe and Healthy


Music festivals can be a great place to express yourself in a safe environment. For most people, it can be an incredibly fun and positive experience. Unfortunately, sometimes things can go very wrong. Whether it’s having a bad trip, getting heat stroke, or a tragic incident that involves a death. There are numerous hazards to navigate at any event, but some care and preparation can go a long way to staying safe, and having an amazing time.

We here at AYNiB feel it’s important to go over this and apply it the events you attend.

1. Open Your Eyes.


When we’re at home it so easy to keep our eyes down and hurry on your way. It can be overwhelming to transition to a festival mode when there’s so much going on around us. Take a moment and enjoy what’s going on – the music, art, costumes and look around you. If you see someone who looks like they’re lost, hurt or having a bad trip take a minute to talk to them. There’s nothing so important that you can’t spare 5 mins to give a hand to someone in need. Odds are you’ll make a big difference in somebody’s weekend.

2. Event Staff Are There To Help You.


Event staff, security, medical staff, and volunteers – these people are here to help make the party safe. They’re there for you and aren’t there to judge or bust you. If you’ve ingested bad drugs, are suffering from heat stroked, see something suspicious or found someone who’s not doing so good – go to these people. You won’t get in trouble, they know what’s going on and want to help. Most festivals have a medical tent with EMS staff and radios for ambulance service. There’s generally a sanctuary or chill space for people with bad trips.

3. Have a Buddy System.

There are often thousands of people at the festival making it difficult to find people in the crowds. If your off on an adventure, make sure to keep in a group and always with a buddy when possible. It makes it easier to meet up with your group again, gives another set of eyes on the situation and it is always more fun to experience things with another person! And sometimes it’s good to have a friend tell you “No, it’s not a good idea to dance on top of the railing 30 feet in the air. You can not fly”.

 4. Party Safe.



credit: Craig Symonds

Let’s put it all out on the table. There are drugs at all music festivals, not just EDM shows. It is so important to educate yourself about what you’re going to indulge in. To stay safe you need to find out what it is, and what it’s going to do to you. If you’re not sure what it is, or does – go to the RaveSafe, PartySafe, Ankors or other appropriate harm reduction booth and they will tell you. Nearly every single festival we’ve been to has had some sort of booth with pill testing available.  Everyone wants to have fun, but nobody should have to die trying to have it. Erowid has good information too.

5. Be Healthy!


Just because you’re there to party for the weekend doesn’t mean your body is prepared for it. You need to eat and sleep. Trust us, you can’t see it all so make sure to get some rest and stay out of the heat of the day. Listen to your body because dehydration can occur very easily. When you’ve only have 3 meals in 2 days your body isn’t going to respond very well. If you don’t fuel your body correctly with sleep and food you will play yourself out. A little bit of Gatorade, some snacks, and a proper meal can go a long way!! Also, don’t forget sunscreen during the day and layers at night. Often it can be very hot during the day and very cold at night.

6. Know Your Neighbour.

Get to know your camp mates. Share a drink or some food and chat with them for a few minutes. Get to know your surroundings. You can watch for suspicious activity and also give a hand in need. You never know how interesting people are unless you go chat with them and it may just make your festival.

7. Watch Your Drinks and Your Female Friends.


It’s pretty easy when your partying to lose track of your drink. You get in the moment and put that drink down to dance to your favorite beat. Try to finish your drink before you start dancing or teach yourself some sweet holding a glass dance moves. This is much better than giving your drink that possibility of geting slipped with something you don’t know about. Also, did your friend just meet a new guy? Don’t let her wander off with him by herself, especially if she is not sober.


When there’s so much to see and do at a festival, it’s easy to get all wrapped up and excited about it and forget these common sense tips. We’re all there to have fun, party our assess off and come home safe. So, be sure to become an active member of the community and help out one another!

Do you have any additional tips to share? Leave a comment below.

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