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There are no polar bears in Costa Rica

It’s amazing how quickly the festival season sneaks up on us. One of the things that keeps me going while fighting off polar bears with my bare hands during these frigid Canadian winters is the promise of spending more time outdoors partying to my favorite music.  For those so inclined – Envision Festival is one festival that can break the cold damp cycle in early March.  Envision is even located in beautiful (and polar bear free) Costa Rica.

In it’s second year Envision sounds like it has found it’s stride.  Attracting some golden acts like Beats Antique with a live set, Opiuo and ill-Esha. I would have loved to see The Lucent Dossier Experience on a beach as seeing them last year at Burning Man was one of the highlights of the week.

One thing’s for sure is that if we can, we’ll make it to Envision in 2013. In the mean time hit up their Facebook page and Twitter profile to keep updated.

Here’s a video to wet your appetite for next year

What about you? Any plans to hit up Envision next year?

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