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#FBF – Metropolis 2015 – The Party of the Bass Face

Last year, 403 DNB brought Calgary an all DnB multi-venue party, a completely new concept in the city. Sure, there’ve been plenty of music events spanning the entire weekend, but one dedicated to focusing on all facets of drum and bass was just unprecedented.

To say Metropolis was a roaring success is an understatement. The venues were thriving, and headliners such as Kasra, Mampi Swift and Enei attracted attendees from all across Canada – Vancouver to Toronto. The bass was heavy and the vibes were thick. Party goers were loving the selectas – and were making the faces to prove it.

In electronic music, there’s a well documented phenomenon – one that most electronic music lovers are guilty of practicing, but one that most do not want to be seen doing. I’m talking of course about “Bass Face” – the condition that turns beautiful women, headlining DJs and run of the mill partygoers into one singular grotesque looking being. Facial expressions so foul, you’d think the practitioners had stumbled upon a pair of 90s JNCO pants rotting in yesteryear’s rave sludge.

Despite being excessively unattractive, Bass Face is how you know you’re at a great show. No one wants to be caught with it, so if they’re doing it, it’s because the music is just so sick no one can help it. There was so much Bass Face at Metropolis 2015, I dubbed it “The Party of the Bass Face.” In anticipation of 2016’s event, we cracked out last year’s photos, and let’s just say there’s some real fart sniffing expressions in the midst. Have a look, have a laugh, and practice your straight face for this year.


Something grimy is happening here!

metropolis003Pretty girls make the best Bass Face!


The Guru loving dem Saturday afternoon ragga vibes!


Superstar dancer Nicooleo! All smiles for the tunes!


MC Gravity, loving DJ Obscene’s BASS!


Let’s have another look at these guys a few seconds later …




These guys love it so much, they’re definitely hugging.


That’s a Bass Face if I’ve ever seen one…


This is possibly the bassiest face of the entire event.


DJ Obscene always likes to act goofy, but this face is legit. 100% candid!


Too good! The guy with the phone in the background!


Maybe this is actually the bassiest face of the entire event…


This might not be “Bass Face” per se, but it’s a very cute picture of Jams and a hilarious photo of Big Worm.


DJ Fever – I’d say this dubplate has some serious bass.


Yep, there he is again. MC Gravity is a repeat offender!


Bass in the rain! So adorable!


Last but not least here’s DJ Logo showing us all how to bass.

I think we’ve proven that Metropolis 2016 is going to be an amazing time. Come join us for the fun! Tickets are available at Grass Roots, from members of 403 DNB, and online at getqd. We are so unbelievably hyped for this party, you might just see our bass faces on the dancefloor! (But hopefully not.)

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