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Excited Words From the Organizers of FozzyFest 2015


In less than a week FozzyFest 2015 will be opening it’s gates for another great year of awesome music, sandy beach times, and good vibes. A couple of us here at AYNiB got to experience this festival as first timers last year. Everything felt so special and by looking at everyone’s faces we could tell we were not alone. It didn’t matter, first-timers, veterans, staff, volunteers, artists, dj’s, and performers all had one thing in common, a glow on their faces with the biggest smiles ever. We were all there to end the summer festival season right and FozzyFest provides the perfect environment to do so. Take it from us, if you haven’t attended   FozzyFest before, get your ticket NOW and go sink your feet into that sweet sweet sand as soon as you get there. The perfect start to what will be one amazing festival weekend!


Okay are we all excited now? Well, so are the organizers! They been super busy putting together all the final touches for this years event but we managed to get a few of them to take a break and talk to us about how their feeling.



I am most excited about the fabulous line-up but I am also really looking forward to the visual aspect this year. We have really focused on art within the grounds and the two main stage designs. Lastly, I can’t wait for the BEACH!!!

Bryson 8bit – Beach Stage Manager:

On the Forest side, I’d say the new stage design is likely going to surprise people. The stage is going to look much better than last year. It’s also larger, if you can believe it. And there’s stage features around the stage as well, to really put people inside of it. The lineup is really solid too, it’s our best lineup yet, and we have more international headliners than we’ve ever had. I’m interested to see what the influence of the houseboats will be, since there’s so many more now.


Charlie Godsoe – Forest Stage:

I don’t really have much different to say other than Bryson. I’m really excited about our forest stage. It’s bigger and more thought out than any stage fozzyfest has had before it. The level of effort and detail will show. We have poured our blood sweat and tears into its construction (and of course love). We’ve been building ever day on the weekend for a while now. We have BIG sound coming… a level FozzyFest has not had before; it will blow your mind. We will have more lighting than ever before. And, the crowd will be immersed in our FozzyForest with elements surrounding the dance floor. I’m excited that the beach stage’s theme in a way ties into our theme, creating a sort of overall theme between the stages. And I’m most glad to be hosting some of my faves on a creation I was a part of.

Adam DigaBoo – Talent Coordinator:

I’d say I’m just most excited about the professional level we are achieving in all areas of the festival this year! From the stages & decor getting a major facelift that will make everyone’s faces light up with excitement as they enter the grounds. To the absolutely massive lineup that is sure to move us into the elite group of powerhouse festivals. To all the new additions to the FFOC. This year is going to be something special & I’m very excited to bring what we have accomplished to our friends, fans, & families!


Trevor Hobbs – Beach Stage:

The beach stage this year will be the best it’s ever been. We have the largest line up in fozzyfest history this year and because of that we brought the big guns to design the best possible stage the beach could have. Expect a full design switch from what we have had the last 2 years, we are swinging for the fences this year.

Alex Navickas – Art Director/Forest Stage:

What I am most exited about this year is the opportunity that I’ve been given to take a large role in designing and constructing the new forest stage. Its taken many hours of sweat and tears to get from initial concepts to reality, but the results have been fantastic! Our biggest goal is to make this years stage look like its part of the forest that surrounds it and envelop our audience in a magical wonder. I cannot wait to see your smiling faces when you experience it, as that will be the greatest gift of all!



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