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AYNiB’s Guide to Envision 2013’s Yoga & Workshops


Besides providing us with excellent entertainment and an opportunity for self-exploration through dance, festivals are special places where people are free to explore, express, and encounter what is truly real in this crazy world of ours: connection. Free from the responsibilities and stresses of everyday life, festival families congregate and celebrate community and common ground. This common ground, at most festivals, consists of those amazing things that festivals are famous for: music, art, and dance. But there’s more to Envision than just the art and music: Envision is a whole community-building, consciousness-based culture! Offering workshops covering topics from Tantra to permaculture, Envision offers the full spectrum of positive human experience for those who desire a connection with themselves, others, and the planet.

Offering educational experiences at festivals facilitates those beautiful chance-encounters we’ve all witnessed when people come together with a shared interest and hearts open to learning. There is something magical in the connections that are made before a class or workshop, as the curious pick out their physical space in the audience, crowd, or circle; in the connections that are made during an event, as people engage in learning together; and in the connections that are made afterwards, as participants mingle and discuss their experiences. Meeting a new friend on the dance floor, in a thick sound-soup of bass and melody, is lovely, but there’s something really special between friends that are made in learning or practicing a skill together. So why not do both?! What better way to recuperate from sleepless nights of dancing than coming together with like-minded lovelies and learning something new together?

Yoga surrounded by babes and bass in beautiful Costa Rica? Yes, please!! Here are some particularly interesting workshops to find your way to in those sun-drenched daytime hours:


Danyasa™ ~ Yoga in Motion with Sofiah Thom:
Ladies, are you looking to encounter your divine masculine aspect? Gentlemen, are you ready to embrace the divine feminine? Sofiah Thom’s workshop blends the masculine energies of classical asana practice with the feminine fluidity of expressive dance in a dynamic marriage known as Danyasa™. This is yoga in motion; this is grounded heart and open mind; this is true balance. Embodying the spirit of Yoga – yoking, union – this fusion of yoga and dance encourages physical and energetic self-articulation. Perfect for dance enthusiasts and yoga enthusiasts alike!


Yoga under the Earth Harp with Andrea Brook:
Let the gentle music move you as you stretch and move your body open under the Earth Harp, the world’s largest string instrument. Andrea Brook serves up an acoustic feast for the ears, and vibrational satiation for the starved soul. Let the frequencies heal you.


Merkabah Yoga with Lux Moderna:
If you need to physically recover from your all-day-into-late-night thrashing but can’t get enough of that sweet, sweet bass, the Merkabah yoga experience might be the scratch for your itch. Encounter the power of yogic vibrations in a whole new way with Merkabah yoga under the bass-heavy spell of Lux Moderna and Dubvirus’ mantra music. Awaken Kundalini energy with movements inspired by sacred geometry, the Kabbalah, and informed by Unified Field Theory; transmuting body, mind, and music into single, conscious experience. Blissfully intense.


Unified Physics with Jamie Janover:
For an intellectual counterpart to the Merkabah experience, you might want to check out Jamie Janover’s spoken workshop on unified physics (an accessible approach to Unified Field Theory). Let Jamie help you to wrap your head around that festival feeling; make the interrelatedness, the oneness of it all, more evident to your thinking self. Engage with him in discovering the unification of all forces and matter in the universe. (Also worth looking into: Zan Moore’s spoken workshop on the nature of the universe)


Meditation and Psychic Development with Adam Baer:
Bring the experience inward with practices involving sensory deprivation and the creation of inner landscapes with Adam Baer’s Meditation workshop. Not only will you be practicing skills that calm the nervous system, rejuvenate the body and mind, and expand your consciousness, this workshop will also provide some much-needed reprieve from the highly-stimulating festival environment – in the heart of the festival! Get centered in the center of it all.

Medicinal Plant Walk with Sarah Wu

Medicinal Plant Walk with Sarah Wu:
You’ll want to bring water, and wear good shoes and some sun protection for this walking-talking workshop led by Sarah Wu. On a super-informative and super-nutritive journey, Sarah will introduce us to the native and naturalized plants in the fields and jungles surrounding the festival, as well as to the local food offered in the Envision Food Court. When you’re living the festival life, it’s important to support your body with high-quality energy, and what better way to fuel your dancing feet than with fresh, local plant-based provisions?


Other Movement Workshops worth a closer look:


Other Spoken Workshops worth a closer look:


Attend as many of these amazing workshops as you can! Fill yourself up with knowledge, experience, and love! Take in all that Envision has to offer so that you can take new skills and knowledge home with you, or out into the world with you as you continue your world-travelling and consciousness-seed-planting.

Envision it!


Envision Festival 2013
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