Dust or Bust: The Ticket Giveaway!


Does the Burning Man ticket boondoggle have you down? Have  you or some of friends been left scrambling for tickets? Are you jonesing for the gritty feel of dust between your teeth? Do you need to leave the default world for a trip back home? Well we here at All You Need is BASS have a massive announcement that will cure you of all of these symptoms and more!

Last year, our camp had a total of sixteen people (18 if you count the two amazing Germans we adopted once we got there). This year, of those 16 people a whopping 2 tickets were secured in the lottery. Our group decided that the odds of all of us getting tickets was pretty low, so we decided we would put our first theme camp on hold until next year and take a year off – but that still left us with 2 tickets.

To us scalping the ticket was never an option, and even though the step program seems to be “working” we wanted to do something special with the tickets. As silly as it sounds, I firmly believe that if the playa wants someone at Burning Man it will find a way to get them there. Every year you hear about people being gifted magic tickets by a random person and it changes their lives. Unfortunately, with the rise in popularity of the festival these gifted tickets are probably going to be as rare as a clean porta-potty on the night of the Burn.


We want to make the trip home happen for two lucky people! We will be randomly select 1 winner. So for the month of May you will have a bunch of different ways to get ballots to enter our giveaway for two Burning Man tickets! The only thing we ask in return is for you to have enough fun for the 16 of us still up in Canada’s frozen tundra!

So what is next?  Check out ways to get ballots and then scroll to the bottom of this page to start entering!  REMEMBER, THERE ARE A BUNCH OF WAYS TO ENTER EVERY DAY!


  • 1 ballot for when you tweet about the contest on twitter (1 per day)
  • 1 ballot when you follow us on twitter (only eligible for this once)


  • 1 ballot when you share today’s post on facebook (1 per day)
  • 1 ballot when you share the contest with your friends (1 per day)
  • 1 ballot when you  like this post (1 per day)
  • 3 ballots when you like our fan page (only eligible for this once)


  • 5 ballots when you sign up for our newsletter (only eligible for this once)


  • 5 ballots when you fill our our survey (only eligible for this once)



  1. If you win the tickets you can not sell them
  2. If you wish to transfer ownership of the tickets you must do so within 48 hours of being notified of winning
  3. Ticket can be claimed at will call
  4. If you only require 1 ticket  please let us know and we will draw another name for the other ticket

Bookmark this link to enter your ballets every day: http://allyouneedisbass.com/dust-or-bust-contest-widget/
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Written by: Alex

Alex has written 168 amazing articles for AYNiB.

Alex is the Editor in Chief and one the founders at All You Need is Bass, and is one of the primary contributors. He is a man of many different hats and musical tastes - plus he looks just smashing in a vest!

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  • Laurel Johnson

    Who won the tickets?

    • http://allyouneedisbass.com Scott

      We’ll be announcing the winners on Tuesday at 10:00AM PST. Stay tuned!

  • kodiak poulsen

    I’m gonna give my tickets to my two best friends bryce and Brittany Thaxton!

  • Brittany

    It would mean so much to me to experience all the amazingess of burning man with my closest friends who are already going!

  • Jake (BM Dew Dud) Rottenbucher

    I hit enter to fast and did not get to fill out your survey please send it to me. I am a 7 year Burner from SD My traveling buddy is the SD regional We had a virgin Burner with us last year. He was a 67 year old Native American who had performed a number of Sun Dances for his people he went to BM to mark it off his bucket list. He fell from his horse supporting a native ride event his lung was punchered and he died I have items to put in the temple to help Jack move on and for me to send off a great burner friend. I love BM I gift home made earrings in the shape of the man to all the burners I meet I would love to get at least one ticket. I am on the first 2000 on the step list but am not sure if it will get to me. Please help me. Signed DewDud

    • Laura

      Hi Jake,
      I have some hope for you.. i was registered for STEP at 12:14 and 2 days ago I got a ticket through STEP :) my guess is that everyone that got registered will be getting tickets considering it closed at 12:16.. :)

  • http://www.simplywaterproof.com Martin I

    I would give the ticket to friends. I was lucky and got my ticket in the initial drawing, but I know a number of people who didn’t.

  • Lauren

    I could help a couple of friends join us on the Playa!!!

  • Ulrich T

    I have a BM ticket already but some friends don’t and I would like them to be able to go and experience BM

  • Riah

    It would mean I can stop worrying about how I am going to get my ticket and I am one step closer in preparation for the burn this year!

  • http://www.facebook.com/#!/MelissaDrewModel Melissa

    Winning these tickets would mean opening my life up to an awesome experience with wonderful people that I never thought I would have the chance to do. It would mean forming life long bonds and learning more about love and peace with great new people, as well as people I already know and love.


    Nice going, this is a great gift for a lucky person, way to make somebodies summer! : )

  • http://dhammaseeker.com/ DhammaSeeker

    Thanks for hosting this awesome contest!

  • Big J

    I have just been laid off from my job and I would love to take this “forced” vacation to attend BM for my 3rd time with all the people that I love at Uli Baba!

  • April

    For me, it would be a huge honor to win the tickets to Burning Man. This year is supposed to be my first year going, along with many of my closest friends. Of course this was the year they implemented the lottery, so there is no guarantee that all of my friends and I will receive tickets. I have longed to go to Burning Man since I heard about it my freshman year of high school. I could feel the playa calling to me, telling me that’s where I can find my true home. I feel my life will fall back into balance once I experience the joy that is Burning Man, and I sincerely hope that I will be able to live the dream and excitement many others have experienced already in their lives. I would give the second ticket to my dearest and oldest friend, since we both have our birthdays in early September (her birthday is on the day the Man burns); the tickets would make perfect gifts to her and myself! It would be amazing in so many ways to win these tickets, thank you so much for the opportunity to do so.

  • Aloha H.

    It would mean going for the first time, with a phenomenal camp of people who have done so much to welcome me. They are the most open and enthusiastic people I know, and they’re gonna make a heck of a theme camp.

  • jack

    I didn’t even get to enter the lottery because of a glitch that invalidated by entry! It means a lot to get a second chance.

    • http://allyouneedisbass.com Heather

      Yeah this lottery business has been a bit of a roller coaster. When I didn’t get the confirmation email for tickets I actually cried a bit, we have had some emotional and amazing times at Burning Man. I got to go for my first time almost 5 years ago with the love of my life ( we had only been together less than a month) and another close friend. Burning Man holds such a special place in my heart. I am glad between the four of us at the website we got two tickets though. It just seems like giving them away rather then sell them is what the playa would want :) plus we get to network and communicate with so many new and awesome people… eeep that was a bit of a long winded reply

  • http://www.woolleyfarms.com Sara Blossom

    It would mean a welcome break from the farm at the end of summer – a chance to bring my good friend and partner, a virgin natural Burner who totally deserves to have his head explode – and an awesome time connecting with all my BM friends from Seattle, SF, Reno, LA and beyond!

  • http://www.jefftaisch.com Jeff Taisch

    It would mean a dusty summer :)


    Unbelievably lovely! Y’all rock!

  • Nicole Petrak

    Would LOVE to attend Burningman – my aunt and uncle and several cousins are going – help make this a family affair! :)

  • Andi

    Being gifted tickets would mean that my daughter & I could attend Burning Man for the first time. I am trying to raise her in a conscience, holistic nature up on the mountain top of our home. It would be an opportunity to expose her, at the earliest of age, to the realities of a world that most never see in their entire lifetime, thus proving to her that every dream is truly possible. Thank you for your kindness & generosity to give someone the chance to bask in the immaculate glow of art as communal life.

  • http://www.tekfreaks.com/ TekFreaks

    It would make us feel both Tekky and Freaky at the same time to win this raffle :)

    Check out our music!


  • Seth Martin

    Burning Man… I have never participated, I have wanted to for years, but have not been able to. Cash strapped makes it tough to get to the playa.

  • Lyds

    Winning two tickets to burning man would be life changing for me, I didn’t think I would be able o go for a couple years and I can’t imagine not being there. The beautiful people and sense of love and community make it more than I can put into words. It is my fate to go this year, I am supposed to be there.

  • Eric J. Beck

    Burning Man is life-changing. And on an annual basis, too, if only to powerfully reaffirm whatever you learned the year before. And in a cynical, cold, hateful & violent world where everything is monetized and marginalized and monopolized, etc., and so negatively profound, to go HOME, to an island of humanity where there exists such a powerful antidote – REALLY positive profundity – well…it’s deeply healing. And there’s also this: Burning Man has been called the Greatest Party in the World, attended by truly can-do people, and in one of the most inhospitable places on Earth! To be part of THAT is, is…shit, describing the experiencial of Burning Man with any justice, I think we all agree, requires the pen of Wolfe, Kesey, Mailer…All I know is that it would mean an AWFULLY lot. BROKEDOWN PALACE WILL LIVE AGAIN ON THE PLAYA!

  • http://www.madebyjulianne.com Julianne Dodds

    Geez, if I won two tickets I would bring my maid of honor to my playa wedding! She wasn’t able to get a ticket, and I’m really going to miss her on my specialist day!

    • http://allyouneedisbass.com Alex

      I love playa weddings! Have you guys decided where you going to hold the ceremony?

    • http://allyouneedisbass.com Alex

      by the way, your clothing designs on your website are super fun!

  • http://www.isopop.com Rich

    Not sure if I like BM tickets being used to advertise a blog so blatantly but I sure could use two tickets.

    • paul

      meh, it’s not like they’re selling $10000 burning man all inclusive vacation packages like ebay or setting up corporate-sponsored theme camps giving away consumer goods.. Not wanting to start a debate but I could see how much of the original essence of the burn had already burned up in a cloud of police and feathered fedoras by the time I made my first trip in 2010…
      I say props to you guys for doing this.. sorry it didn’t work out for your whole camp to come, but you are selflessly giving away 2 tickets that someone had to actually pay for, and you will be making 2 people very happy campers come end of August!

      • http://allyouneedisbass.com Scott

        Thanks Paul, we appreciate you understand what we’re doing! BM is what you make it to be, an open ended adventure book.

  • Mark L

    I hope I get to go back home, I’m the only one from my camp that didn’t get a ticket this year.
    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to go this year

  • http://soundcloud.com/purpler_benj Benji Boi

    BC Represent! Maine Represent! FUN represent!!!

    I’m feeling the lucky vibes, just caught Opiuo’s drumstick at Lightning in a Bottle 2 nights ago.
    Big ups to you all for giving these tickets away. Hope to win/gonna pray/love life anyway.


  • http://allyouneedisbass.com/dust-or-bust-the-ticket-giveaway/ donavan harding

    if i win a ticket i will rage for all 16 of you lovely canadians and tell EVERYONE about you and your amazing idea here :D

    • http://allyouneedisbass.com Scott

      Thanks Donavan, I wish we had an extra ballot for ragers.

  • Jason

    Would love to win these tickets for a couple friends! How awesome would that be?!?!

    • http://allyouneedisbass.com Scott

      Considering how awesome it feels for us to give 2 tickets to someone as a gift, I’d say pretty damn awesome!

  • Mike Gr

    My partner and I are in need of two tickets to make it back home to the Playa this year. Please please help us make it home!

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  • http://shambhalamusicfestival.wordpress.com britzbitz

    I have two friends who are going through some tough family stuff who could really use this. <3

    *fingers crossed*

  • http://www.adamburgett.com Adam

    Trying to win for a friend, to whom it would mean the world.

  • lauren

    2 tickets to burning man would mean a break for my first year on my own farm, inspiration for a public art project about regaining our cultural knowledge and turning away from corporate globalization, a chance to spend a week with the man i love but haven’t seen for over a year, an opportunity to meet exceptional individuals who don’t seen to exist in real life, a chance to understand the culture described by friends who burn which i don’t come close to grasping, the possibility to ride across country in a short bus!

  • http://JST3P.com JStep

    I’m just helping out, already have a ticket. If I win I will pass them along.

  • Laura

    Winning these tickets would take me & a very close friend both to the playa for the first time this year. I have been living with & very much contributing in the local burning man community over the past 2 years now and am very much longing to experience going home this year

  • Katherine

    It would mean the world to me to win these tickets, truly. It would mean happiness for another year. It would restore my faith in humanity.

  • sam

    This is so very generous of you guys…god save the queen

  • Cory J

    If you are doing tweets as an option, do you have a hashtag that you would like people to use so that you can properly track everything?

    • http://allyouneedisbass.com Heather

      No there is no specific hashtag that we need to properly track it. If it is done through the contest widget it will be tracked properly :)

    • Cory J

      Nevermind. Didnt properly see the rafflecopter box. Got it.

  • http://www.brianmcgloin.com Brian McGloin

    The giveaway is pretty awesome. I’m happy you’re giving them away instead of tying to sell them to some wealthy meathead.

    Hopefully I can return to the playa.

  • Gabe

    It would give me a chance to find myself again on the Playa. I really want to get out there and feel the love again. Plus my dad wants to join me this year and I’m really excited about the potential of that happening. He just beat cancer and has a new lease on life and I think he would be really inspired. It would get him out of his routine and bring us closer. It would of course be magical for me to be out there but it could really change his world view and be a beautiful experience, I hope it works out!

    • Dee

      So amazing to hear your Dad beat cancer!

  • http://www.jenniekay.com Jennie Kay

    Nice promo! Great use of marketing tools.

  • Marissa

    Winning these tickets would mean so much to me. This will be my 6th year at Burning Man, and possibly the last time I will be able to attend for the next few years. This is so awesome of you guys!

    • http://allyouneedisbass.com Scott

      Thanks for the positive response Marissa, we hope that our little contest will make someone’s year. Our little gift back to the playa when we can’t be there ourselves. We hope when someone does win they can share their photos and stories with us!

  • crackplatypus

    attending bm this year would give me the opportunity to wed the woman i love, with our year old daughter in arms, in the midst of family by blood and by burn…allowing our love to coagulate with the blood, sweat, and ambitions of them all…our art, their art, all art, i do.

    • http://allyouneedisbass.com Scott

      BM would be an amazing place to be wed with all the positive vibes and art. Quite the backdrop! I’m glad we’re sending the tickets off as a pair rather than singles after reading all your posts! Make sure to hit up all the ways to enter the contest to give yourself extra entries.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kilinoe.ongoy Kili

    Going to Burning Man would mean being able to enjoy the playa as a veteran and not a virgin anymore. I want to be able to see all my friends that I met last year and going with my roommate so she’s not by herself since she was one of the only ones to get a ticket. I want bass in my face.

    Also, was one of the 2 Germans that you adopted named Kilian?! Long shot but I’ve been trying to find him ever since the burn last year.

    • http://allyouneedisbass.com Scott

      Our adopted German cousin was Pascal, worth the long shot! One of our favorite BM experiences was dancing to Fat Pat with pK sound in a dust storm. BASS + playa in your face = awesome times. Good luck!

  • Ryan

    It would mean me and my dear friend who I have not seen in a year being reunited on the Playa. Spreading love and beauty!

  • Michelle

    it would mean the world! it would mean a chance to collaborate with a wonderful variety of amazing artistic people. burning man is where I find my people, my community!

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  • http://www.theartmag.com Olivia Pool

    you guys are fucking rockstars for doing this giveaway. very kind of you AND very smart business move on your part too :)

    • http://allyouneedisbass.com Alex

      Thanks Oliva! Now that we are rockstars I guess I have to learn how to play an instrument. Groupies dig guys who play the triangle right?

      • http://allyouneedisbass.com Scott

        more cowbell!

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  • Kyra

    It would be mean LOVE, all I want to do is see and feel the magic of the playa.. To me it means the world to go back home!

    • http://allyouneedisbass.com Alex

      I hear ya, I can’t wait for the year after next when we can go back home!

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  • Fone

    It would mean that I get to take a dear friend who has never been to playa for her first time, my 3rd, and allow me to be part of a friends camp that I haven’t been with on playa yet.

  • Sean Regan

    I enjoy your plan. I hope a good person who needs to burn get the tickets.

    • http://allyouneedisbass.com Alex

      Thanks Sean, we are really excited to see who wins the tickets

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  • http://www.thewritingwomb.com Patricia

    Going to Burning man would be an amazing experience…winning the tickets is the only way I could afford to go this year as money is almost non existent for me at this point. I have never been to BM but it’s been a dream to go :o)

    • http://allyouneedisbass.com Scott

      It’s a dream you should make happen at all costs! All throughout the world I’ve never seen such a large concentration of artistic expression in one place. Truly amazing. Good luck Patricia!

  • http://consumptionblog.com/ Marc

    I don’t feel worthy of this contest – check out my Burning Man news site consumptionblog.com

    • http://allyouneedisbass.com Alex

      I dig your site, and in turn do not feel worth either ;)

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  • Loulu

    Nice idea.Great way to market your website. Not really gonna help solve next years issue of more demand than supply though is it? 

    • http://allyouneedisbass.com Alex

      Unless the BLM and BMORG increase the population size of Black Rock City ticket scarcity is going to continue to happen. It would be nice if everyone who wanted to go to Burning Man could go, but unfortunately that probably won’t ever be the case again.

  • Simona (Tara)

    Hi Bass lovers
    The link to facilitate daily ballot entries also gives a 404 error!

    I have been to BM once in 2009 and decided to volunteer this year for ARTery, the ART department. I am really excited about this opportunity but don’t have a ticket yet!

    I am passionate about art and a scientist who wants to set up programs for kids to teach science through art! It’s still a leap away but I just experimented this weekend setting up a puppet show for a kids’ camp in the Bay area to teach how bees protect themselves against infections, why the hive collapses when they get infected and how important s to protect bees for us. This is just one idea I am exploring, going further I would like to set up art projects and teach kids the scientific concepts behind them, like playing with different metals to make jewelery and teach the periodic table or making floating candles and learn about buoyancy.

    Anyhow volunteering with ARTery is for me an opportunity to meet artists and get inspired and can’t wait to be part of the kids’ art tour organized on Wednesdays on the Playa!

    Dusty hugs,
    Simona (Tara)

    • http://allyouneedisbass.com Alex

      Hi Simona,

      Thanks for letting us know about the 404 error. I think it isn’t showing up on our side like that but i’ve tweaked the post so hopefully it isn’t coming up with the error anymore.

      Reaching out to kids through a creative medium is in my ever so humble opinion one of the best ways to get them engaged and passionate about how the world works. By fostering curiosity and creativity it opens so many doors for them in the future! It makes us super happy here to hear about someone utilizing their own creativity to help make the world a better place :)

      If you win (and even if you don’t but still find your way home) we would love to hear about your experience volunteering with the ARTery

      Dusty hugs right back atcha!


      • Simona (Tara)

        Will let you know :)

      • Simona (Tara)

        And Yeah! The link works now :) Thanks!

  • http://xylovan.com Mack

    Hey, super-friends:

    We don’t claim to be any more worthy than anyone else entering here, but man, you would make our year if you can help us out. Here’s why:

    My wife (Chuckles) and I are 8-time burners since ’96. That was the year I covered the burn for the Los Angeles Times – and the Year Everything Changed – for Burning Man and for us. http://factoidlabs.com/portfolio/writin … times.html

    We fell down the rabbit hole and never looked back.

    Two more burns and then we took time off to start a family. When our son was 5 and our daughter 3, we brought ‘em to the playa in ’05 and started ‘em right.

    Five burns later, and Biomass and Hitgirl are – according to unbiased burners whom we met for the first time in BRC and did not bribe even once – “really excellent burners.” one guy said after Hitgirl (then 10) joined him for a bicycle art cruise, “She had all her stuff together – her hat, goggles, dust mask and water – she helped the other kids through a whiteout, she’s an awesome climber, shes tireless and she didn’t complain once.”

    The four of us went on to build XyloVan (http://XyloVan.com) a couple years ago, we got a full DMV day/night permit for a mutated version of it last year, and we’re deeply involved with the LA Regional.

    This year, we decided that helping build Kidsville, helping fellow burners fix their flats, tie shit down, clean shit up get something to eat or drink or come in out of the crazy heat, get their jam on and generally enjoy their burn was no longer enough.

    It was time to mix things up, join a new camp, help build something massive – and volunteer so we could truly give something back to our beloved BRC.

    Last fall we started talking to other theme camps, and began looking into Media Mecca, the Rangers, Gate …

    And then the BORG lottery chewed up our dreams and spat them out like so much gristle.

    So here we are, all pumped up and ready to volunteer – and ticketless for what is certain to be an epic burn and another Year That Everything Changed.

    We’re not looking for pity or favor or anything else. Everyone who wants to burn has something to bring to the community. We’re no more deserving than the virgin who just decided last month to make her first trip to the playa to see what it’s about.

    But if you have 2 tickets to spare (the kids are still young enough not to need them), we wanted to let you know a little bit about the kind of family, volunteers, mutant vehicle, music and noise you could be inviting to the playa this year.

    Peas, and maybe we’ll see you in the dust and jam a little on the van together. Beer, manchego, cucumbers and cloves are on us.

    Factoid, Chuckles, Biomass and Hitgirl
    Los Angeles

    • http://allyouneedisbass.com Scott

      Your XyloVan is a wicked idea, I’d love to hear it one day. I saw on your site that your hitting up festivals with it and let’s see if our paths cross one day! Good luck on the contest

  • Dan

    This is amazing!

  • Stacey Griffin

    Shere am I supposed to put this code?

    • Dee

      Hi Stacey, That is the code to enter into the Survey Ballot section. There is a field there before the link to the survey. Please email us if you still have problems. admin@allyouneedisbass.com

  • Scott

    Thank you for the heads-up Alex. I was planing on bringing a giant kaleidoscope (well, pretty big). Maybe now I still can.

  • cereal4cats

    I want to go home! That is what winning tickets would mean to me. A chance to go home.

  • Phillz

    great thing, I love it — our group is short 1 ticket this would make our group complete……..

  • ApolloPan

    Great to see folks gifting tickets this year! Got an invitation for my art car- would really love tickets so I can go drive in the dust! Thanks so much for doing this.

  • Gregory “Kneehigh” Polmans

    This such an awesome thing your doing!!! I went last year as a part of the Alberta C.O.R.E. Team. It was an absolutely awesome time and wanted to return home this year with my girlfriend. Its her 40th b-day this year and was wanting to go so badly for the first time, but alas no tickets were granted. Thanks for the opportunity you have given!!!

  • Cherisse Dye

    Hey guys! Im getting a 404 error when I go to the survey page.

    • http://allyouneedisbass.com Scott

      Thanks for the heads-up Cherisse, I think we fixed the error!

  • http://www.lasterrenas.ca Nickie Burditt

    Hey Heather!
    This is such an awesome thing you and Alex are doing!
    Crossing my fingers :)

    • Nickie Burditt

      P.S it would mean the worldddddddd…… Because then I would 1) have a reason to make my unicorn herd costumes 2)be able to see my brother again because he got a ticket and I didn’t (he lives in Canada and I live in the Dominican Republic) 3) See my old friends and make new ones… SO EXCITED ABOUT YOUR CONTEST!!!!

      P.S.. Check out my hostel, I’ll give a discount to any burners who want to visit me hehe http://www.lasterrenas.ca

      • http://allyouneedisbass.com Scott

        Thanks Nickie, unicorn herd costumes you say?!? There may be some pictures of Alex and Heather dressed up as unicorns from Charlie the Unicorn floating around somewhere. Let’s see if I can dig them up…

        • http://www.lasterrenas.ca Nickie

          I’d love to see them!! :)

      • http://allyouneedisbass.com Heather

        Hey Nickie!
        That is awesome that you entered and great to see what you are doing in the dominican. The hostel looks great from what I have seen on your site. Thanks for spreading the word. We have never been to the Dominican, may be a great place to visit in the future ;)

    • Cherisse Dye

      Going to buring man would mean so much to me. Ive wanted to go for years and years but it just never seemed to be in the cards. Ive missed some important life events (like my best friends renewing their vows after 10 years of love)because of it. This year I would like to finally make the change and go. I just know that this radical over abundance of family and community with have an over whelming positive effect in my life. <3