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Downlink Launches Uplink Audio


These days it seems like owning your own electronic music label is almost a rite of passage once a certain level of success is reached. The practice is so prevalent in “EDM” that it almost seems strange to meet an artist without one on the go. Especially if that artist has been a constant on the Beatport charts since pretty much the inception of their career. In the case of Downlink, who started his career around the same time as best buds Excision and Datsik, it seems especially strange, as Excision and Datsik have had Rottun and Firepower on the go respectively for quite some time now. That being said, Downlink has finally started his own label, Uplink Audio.

UplinkAudioAlthough Downlink’s music has been a mainstay on labels like Rottun, he has taken the plunge into managing his own releases. “It’s nice to be able to manage your own promotion campaign,” says Downlink. “The label share now goes directly in my own pocket, which in turn allows me to put that money right back into promotion.” Sounds like a win-win situation. On top of all this, Downlink plans to put the spotlight on other artists and sounds he handpicks. “I’m not going to try to pigeonhole this thing in to being one specific sound, rather just focus on quality music that I believe in,” says Downlink. It will definitely be interesting to see a showcase of tastemakers selected by Downlink, as many lovers and critics of electronic music often assume these guys are only into heavy dubstep.

Even though it’s about time Downlink — an artist with a lot of relative longevity — started up his own epithet, there are many who believe there is a definite oversaturation in the world of electronic music labels. This is something not worrisome to Downlink. “I don’t see saturation ever being a ‘problem.’ Perhaps quality can be questionable in some cases but these labels will not stick around. If some un-established basement producer decides to put out his low quality stuff on his own label, it won’t even register and will be ignored. It wont be sustainable. But if someone has the means to properly operate a platform that can showcase music then by all means go ahead.” Downlink goes on to say that as long as product is quality, no one has anything to worry about. “The good ones stick around and flourish, the bad ones will flounder at the bottom and eventually fall off, “ he adds.

The first release on Uplink Audio is out now, and is an EP of four tracks by the man himself aptly titled The Launch. With all of his work with Destroid and other time commitments, perhaps we will have to wait a while to see the next release, but there is no doubt in my mind Downlink has several lined up in that musical brain.


Purchase Downlink – The Launch EP  (Uplink Audio) on Beatport

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