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With the 403DNBBQ mere hours away, I managed to catch up with one of the headliners from the UK, drum and bass selecta Cotesy. With residencies at Innovation in the Sun, Random Concept and Devo Live, Cotesy has a huge selection of tunes from across the pond to share with us this weekend and has put together a banging drum and bass mini mix for us here at All You Need is Bass.  Load this up for your road trip to the Stoney Nakota Resort and get ready for Canada’s only Drum and Bass weekend – 403DNBBQ! We’ll see you there!


What’s the best set you’ve played? That you think back on and think ‘damn, that was awesome’

For me a personal career high was playing 3 hours non stop on Harry Shotta’s Boat party last year in Spain. The vibes were just electric and we had Harry Shotta, Eksman, Skibadee and Dreps on the mic. I will never forget that set!!!

Being a resident at Innovation, you must have seen some crazy things. What are your top moments of Innovation 2013?

I think seeing 2000 ravers splashing for reloads in a wave pool last year at in the Sun would be a unforgettable sight. A lot of the pool ended up out of the pool with all that splashing!!

What’s the best single party/event you’ve been to?

I think as a trip down memory lane the best event I ever went to was my first night at Playaz at Fabric in London. I was still a raver then and I just remember my first taste of a super club. I can still remember it taking me 30 minutes to find the toilets, as the place was so big!! I never thought at that young age that I would end up playing clubs of that size!

Funniest thing that you’ve seen at an event?

Thinking harder I would probably say the time I saw Skibba bomb the swimming pool at the wave park Inno in the sun last year. Was about an 8 foot drop off the stage. Unfortunately no photo evidence

If you could play anywhere, where would it be?

A life long goal is to play Fabric in London and probably a huge festival like Glastonbury.

When all the partying is over, how do you like to chill out?

TV all the way. Family guy does the trick!!

cotesy-horiWhat hobbies do you have?

GYM!!! And DnB haha

What guilty pleasure do you enjoy too much to give up?

It’s a really bad one but probably cigarettes. I’ve been trying to quit for two years now.

Aside from DnB, what other music do you listen to?

Very much into a lot of Metal, and all its verities. This has been a passion from youth I still go to a lot of shows here in the UK.

Favourite band?

This would be a tough one but if i was put on the spot I would have to say Parkway Drive

First record you bought?

I’m going to have to dig it out of the vinyl collection!! Although being into Drum and bass and Jungle since about the age of 14 the first record purchase came at 18yrs old. it was Concept 2 – Discology/Twisted funk

Favourite Album right now?

Xtreme DnB mixed by Phantasy and Breeze

Favourite Inspirational Quote?

Its not the years in your life it’s the life in your years

Favourite thing to BBQ:

Ribs Baby!!


Mmm…. Ribs…. Get your hands on some juicy ribs and hear the sounds of Cotesy and many more this weekend at the 403DNBBQ Weekender! The party starts tonight!!

Thanks to Cotesy for the great preview mix and quick chat!





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