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Hailing from Calgary Alberta, DJ Distinct is an exciting up and comer in the Calgary Drum & Bass scene. Her involvement with the Drum & Bass Girls of Canada has this young female artist turning heads everywhere she plays. We sat down with Samantha for an interview and we are thrilled to be releasing our second exclusive mix for All You Need is Bass, crafted by DJ Distinct. Podcast: DJ Distinct exclusive mix by Allyouneedisbass on Mixcloud

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As a young up and comer in the Bass Music scene what changes are you seeing from when you got started till now?

Bass music has had the opportunity to be in the spotlight lately in mainstream media. In my opinion, it has actually had a lot of positive effect, rather than negative. There has been an influx of people experiencing electronic music and loving it. It has given knowledge on a lot of lesser-known and newer genres. And, at least in Calgary, it’s helped people work together to bring a higher quantity of high-calibre artists into the city. The last 6 months, especially, has been full of great drum and bass in the city, and I’m sure there’s more to come for every genre!

Are there any producers or artists in Calgary that have been pivotal to influencing your sound?

Every artist in Calgary I’ve had the pleasure of meeting have managed to teach me a thing or two about DJing and music. Some of the most influential people include a lot of the 403DnB crew, Eradik from Audio Empire, and those producers who have been kind enough to take me into their own studios and show me a trick or two!


[quote style=”boxed” float=”right”]I don’t remember the first time I heard Drum and Bass exactly, but I do remember the first time I heard it and loved it.[/quote]

Do you remember when you heard Drum & Bass for the first time?

I don’t remember the first time I heard Drum and Bass exactly, but I do remember the first time I heard it and loved it. It was a weekly we used to have here in Calgary and it was one of the first nights I had even been out in a bar. I was really nervous and wasn’t sure what to expect. The first song I ended up hearing was Sigma’s remix of We Can Have It All, and I was so excited when I heard it I rushed home after the show and started looking up tracks until 5 or 6 in the morning trying to find this one song and others like it!

2012 is behind us, what were your highlights from the year?

So far I have been honoured to be included in some very special shows. I have had the opportunity to play at AK1200, Hybris, State of Mind, and many others in 2012! It has been so amazing this past year and I hope I have the opportunity to keep growing in 2013.


Anything big on the horizon for this year?

This past year in Calgary, all of the promoters worked very hard – and a lot of the time together – to bring in some of the best acts in drum and bass. I hope we can continue that and get people interested in what some people have called ‘DnB Awareness’. Big ups to all the crews who have made this a reality! As for my own personal growth, I recently started to work with the Drum & Bass Girls of Canada, and I hope to be able to work with them more fully as the year unfolds. As well, my own personal sound is definitely becoming more rounded and developed, and I hope as this next year progresses I can work on my own production as well! [quote style=”boxed” float=”right”]I honestly think that there’s a style of Drum & Bass for everyone and seeing people start to explore that is great.[/quote]

Can you tell me a little bit more about ‘DnB Awareness’? Is this something new to the Calgary scene?

I am definitely not in a place to evaluate other cities, but I hope it isn’t exclusive to Calgary. These last few months have been really great for letting people know how unique this style of music is. I love the diversity of Drum & Bass and really think that it’s a great thing more and more people have been introduced to it. I honestly think that there’s a style of Drum & Bass for everyone and seeing people start to explore that is great.


Working with Drum & Bass Girls of Canada must be an exciting new venture, how did that come about?

It has been wonderful so far! One of my friends, Jamie (Jams) had originally told me about it and the idea had really interested me. There was a lot of females that I looked up to in the Drum & Bass Girls of Canada. I saw how many talented ladies were on the roster and I decided to submit some demos and see how they felt about me being a part of their crew as well. Fast forward a couple of months later, and I believe I have one of the most positive and helpful groups of people working with me!

 Are there any pros and cons you have found in particular to being a female DJ in the electronic music scene?

There are definitely pros and cons. I always hope that people don’t take my gender as the first thing they see, but that is not always the case. One of the big pros I have found is that it is great to be a part of a female movement in DJing that is starting to really gain momentum. It’s awesome to also see other females pushing with me. It’s flattering to see people book me because I am female, but I am interested in my DJing speaking for itself rather than the opinion I am some sort of ‘draw’ or something to look at based on my gender. I am proud that I am a female DJ, but I don’t think my bookings should be based on that sole fact. All in all though, people are pretty good about it and that’s great!

Samantha, we would like to thank you for chatting with us and for your exclusive mix for All You Need is Bass.


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