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Coachella 2012 2nd Weekend

The first weekend of Coachella has now come and gone and there have been some amazing things (2Pac back from the dead) that have come out of the 3 day festival.  Next weekend, our corespondents are going to be living the high life in Southern California while the rest of us schlubs sit around eating Kraft Dinner and drinking mint juleps.

One of the problems with these huge festivals is that there is just too much good music.  Though I guess that is one of those problems that is nice to have.  Sort of like not knowing which Austin Martin I should drive to work – I guess sometimes you just have to roll the hard six.

Let us know what you would go see if you were them – or would you just hide in your tent the whole weekend?


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Alex is the Editor in Chief and one the founders at All You Need is Bass, and is one of the primary contributors. He is a man of many different hats and musical tastes - plus he looks just smashing in a vest!

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