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Canada Day Long Weekend: Loki Music Festival

The weather in the West Coast end of Canada (and maybe elsewhere?) this summer so far has been pretty dismal. The beautiful sun will trick us for a few days at the most, then it will be a variety show of clouds, wind & rain. I live in Vancouver and yes it’s known for it’s rain and never-ending days of overcast. However, usually by the time Canada Day rolls around we do actually have our own fair share of warmth & sunshine. But, not this year. Instead, we actually have reports of small BC towns flooding and highway road closures due to mudslides.

Usually, most of us here at AYNiB head up to the Shambhala Music Festival farm to meet up with our PK Sound friends to start building the magic of The Village Stage. We were just there this past May long doing some demolition and were feeling pretty jazzed about starting the construction this weekend until we received the bad news yesterday that The Village Stage is flooded right where we all need to work!

So, now with time booked off and camping gear all packed and ready to go… what do we do? Luckily, not too far away from our original planned weekend destination is the Loki Music Festival in Kaslo, BC. When one door closes another one opens!

Loki will be hosting a great array of bass music and hip hop for our ears along with a great line up of fun festival day time activities. Live Graffiti by the Catch Wreck Crew, a skateboard competition, dance performances, giveaways, and more! In respect to the great Loki god of chaos and trickery, the organizers boast this festival will be filled with fire and magic at night with a gauranteed forecast of mischievous fun.

Here our my four acts that I’m sure to brave any thunder storm to see this weekend:

Glitchy & Scratchy: These cats are locals to my city yet I’ve maybe only seen them once? But, many of their sets and sounds are blasted constantly in my tiny VW Cabrio named K-Rad. Of course, with the convertible top down when the weather is as slammin’ as this duo’s bass rhythms!

Subvert: If you really wanted to get technical it’s because of this guy we are even into bass music. A long time ago in a rave land far far away, we met Jer when PK and even his alter ego of Subvert were not even a sparkle in his eye. He told us we listened to shitty music and should come with him to a show with better music. We’ve never looked back. Thank you Jer!

DJ Cain.1 & Four20 MC: Never been graced with the listening pleasure yet of this pair but I just checked them out on soundcloud and was grooving in my seat. Dj Cain.1 will bring us trunk tight mixing skills and swaggeriffic scratching abilities combined with FOUR20’s energetic and super hyper lyrical flow’s.

Bryx vs Wakcutt: Wakcutt is one cool cat! Did you see all the amazing things he has in his studio? Now, he is gonna battle Bryx turntablist style for glory. Really good!

Looks like it’s going to be a bass filled festival of rain. We’ve packed up extra socks, rubber boots, rain jackets, umbrellas, and tarps. If your hitting up Loki you might want to follow suit!

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