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Best of the Web: January 2013


Our ever-growing scene has an amazing community on the dance floor, and all of us here at All You Need is Bass know that so much of our community is expressing itself in different ways across the web. The amount of fantastic content being created across the world is astounding and we want to help spread the love. So this month we are kicking off our new monthly series: Best of the Web.

Each month the staff here at All You Need is Bass are going to share with you our favorite finds from across the web. They might come from other websites that cover bass music, the culture, festivals/events, but then again who knows where else we might find the occasional gem.

We hope you enjoy these articles as much as we do, and hopefully you we might just turn you on to some other great websites!


One of my favorite things to do online is to nerd out on interviews with artists discussing their method. DJ Tech Tool’s post featuring Brooklyn-based producer Gramatik was my most recent find. In the interview, Gramatik talks about his musical upbringing, digital crate digging, and his flow of creativity. Additionally, he talks about how he prepares his live sets. I love hearing how artists approach and assemble their live performances these days. Now more than ever, technology allows electronic musicians to express themselves in anyway they want. There are no rules, and It’s a beautiful thing.

LINK: Gramatik Interview | Production Tools and Performing Live (from


Tucker, aka The Festival Guy, attended a whopping number of 18 festivals last year! To pick his top attended festival of 2012 he separated them into two categories; People Festivals & Music Festivals and then gave each of them his own personal score. Now you can use his experiences posted in this list to help plan your 2013 festival season.

LINK: The Festival Guy’s 2012 Festival Of The Year (from


After hitting his head diving in to a friend’s pool on his 40th birthday Derek Amato life was changed when he was suddenly able to play the piano. Suffering from a form of synaesthesia he is also one of only a handful of people in the world with Acquired Musical Savant Syndrome.

LINK: Derek Amato Musical Savant (from


Burners.Me continues to provide anyone who reads their blog with great information and stories from Burning Man. Recently, they found a documentary called The King, the Chimp, and the Playa that aired on network Russian TV and it’s a pretty good film for commercial television! Burning Man draws such a diverse crowd which always makes me so interested in seeing and hearing different peoples stories from their adventures on the playa.

LINK: Burning Man: The Documentary (from


Like most VICE articles I found this one to be humorous and mostly on point. I especially like the part where it says ‘all dance music is electronic, you idiots.’ Can we just all commit to ceasing and desisting when it comes to that term? Pretty please?

LINK: Explaining Rave Culture to Americans (from


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