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Best of 2014: Top 25 Drum and Bass Tracks Picked by the DnB Girls of Canada



CRYSTAL FRESH (Squamish, BC / San Jose, Costa Rica) Top 5 Bass Picks of 2014

5: Bass Providers – “Monster Party”  [Independent Label]

In my opinion Monster Party is one of the sickest tracks released in 2014 for dnb / drum step that contains trap transitions. It is a sure-fire track to get the floor jumpin’ with its heavy basslines and unique synth sound designs. The melodies are inspired by crazy, dark, and brooding Halloween vocal samples and heavy throw-down dnb drops, this tune is definitely a new favorite for my sets and has always been well received when performed.

Find it as Track 7 of this mix:

4: Sigma ft Paloma Faith – “Changing” [3beat Records]

Changing is such a beautiful track with Paloma’s amazing heartfelt vocals and Sigma’s melodic basslines. I love dropping this track close to the end of my set when everyone is dancing like crazy and opening up their hearts!

3: Destroid – “7 Bounce” (Excision & Space Laces VIP)  [Rotten Records]

This track brings forth heavy rock elements alongside the bro-step grinding sounds of robots fighting in space. It has a beautiful transition from drumstep to dnb after the breakdown making it magic for double dropping into jump-up tracks. The high energy synths are melodic yet dark and powerful, so the dance floor always gets pumped up!

2: Sigma – “Rudeboy” VIP feat. Doctor [Life Recordings]

This VIP of Rudeboy has such an underground London flavor to it! I feel it mixes very well in and out of jungle, with its hard-hitting symbols and hi-hats. This tune is perfect for transitioning between different drum and bass styles and energy levels making it essential arsenal for my crates.

1: Audio – “Heads Up” [Ram Records]

I love this track because it is such a heavy hitter and I enjoy a steady drum beat. Although there is a lot of chaos in the track itself with the samples and synths everywhere, the drum gives it that feeling like you are marching in the most bad ass dnb marching band ever!

A big thanks to the DnB Girls for sharing their dnb wisdom! Make sure to keep up with everything they’re doing in 2015, as these ladies are sure to be busy crushing at all over the place. Between the Canadian DnB Girls and their counterparts south of the border, North America’s dance floors will be getting a clinic.


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