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Best of 2014: Top 25 Drum and Bass Tracks Picked by the DnB Girls of Canada



MITTZ (Calgary, AB) Top 5 DnB Picks of 2014

#5 – Macky Gee – “Let it Snow”  [Down to Earth]

This song takes a modern classic and turns it up a notch. All I want for Christmas is more jump up. One of my favorite high energy tunes to rinse while shredding the mountain. If this tune doesn’t amp you up, I don’t know what will!!

#4: Moody Good – “Hotplate” (Prolix Remix)  [MTA Records]

When I heard this for the first time, it was when Prolix dropped it in Calgary at the annual 403DNBBQ Pre-Party… I just had to find out what it was! Prolix told me what it was called and that it had just come out earlier that week so I bought it the moment I got home. Such a heavy remix, I love the hip-hop breakdown.

#3: Enei – “Prometheus”  [Critical Music]

Enei has always been one of my favorite artists, there is something very unique and special about his music and I would give anything for the opportunity to someday see him live! I believe he is yet to make his first appearance in Western Canada but I am waiting for the day. The ‘Goliath EP’ out earlier this year was one of my recent favorites from him featuring the amazing tracks ‘Hot Plate’, ‘Get Low’ and ‘Goliath’ but my favorite tune of them all was ‘Prometheus’. It was the opening tune it in my 403DnB exclusive podcast released this past October.

#2: Jaguar Skills & Chords “Lust” (Break Remix)  [Ram Records]

Break is amazing. In my opinion this is the best track from him this year, hands down, but in reality there was so much goodness to choose from. The beauty’s in the breakdown and the beast is in the drop. The vocals are sweet and simple and the gritty synths, snares and bassline all in perfect melody with each other. I love putting this song in my mixes and sets as it’s both effective and energetic.

#1: Graymata – “Big Sound”  [Digital Fusion]

The ‘Big Sound lp’ produced by Graymata is an experimental combination of jump up jungle dnb. It was hard to choose but this was my favorite tune on the massive 10 track release and probably his as well, as the entire album takes its name. The bassline is next level and I love the rolling percussion build-ups. This tune makes both myself and the crowd want to move and can build the energy on any dance floor.

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