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Best of 2014: Top 25 Drum and Bass Tracks Picked by the DnB Girls of Canada



DISTINCT (Calgary, AB) Top 5 DnB Picks of 2014

#5: Prototypes – “Pale Blue Dot”  [Viper Recordings]

One of the biggest tracks of 2014, The Prototypes started off the year with a banger that carried us all well through the summer season. Taking the name from a Carl Sagan speech (also featured in the track), it’s a peak of the night track designed to get people on the floor and dancing, and I love that. The simple melody line is simple enough and serves as a great accompaniment to the rolling bassline. I’m in love with how easily this track fits with other tracks, and how it’s strong enough to stand on its own – but it creates new and great sounds when dropped with other tunes. This song, unlike my first choice, is ALL about getting down and dirty with the music. The strong bass and the sharp, danceable drums secures this as one of my favorite tracks to play out ever.

#4: Rockewell – “INeedU”  [Shogun Audio]

Rockwell produced one of the tracks I first played when I started to spin drum and bass, so he’s always held a bit of a soft spot in my heart. Over the past year, there’s been a distinct change in Rockwell’s style…and I have to say I love it! A lot of his new stuff is footwerk/juke inspired, and the break from the typical drum beat is really inviting to me. INeedU is a great example of a fusion of the DnB style. The upbeat drums keep your feet going and the vocals keep your head bobbing. An innovative piece, Rockwell showcases a really different style that I also like to show in my sets.

#3: Karma – “Terminal”  [CYN Music]

This tune is easily the most underrated tune I have. I’ve been listening to a couple of Karma tunes over the last couple years and it has always been deeper, liquidy vibes – imagine my surprise when I found this and got a song much heavier than expected. Beautifully orchestrated, techy vibes while still staying true to the Karma vibe, this song is a great transition and is one of my favorite songs to play at the peak of the night. The melody line is simple but moves bodies on the floor, and the addition of the small vocal really picks the track up to a new level. The layers in this track are immense, and they all come together to create an intense track that doesn’t back down. I love how this track changes so much based on what it is double- or triple-dropped with, making it incredibly versatile and a great backer for some of my more melodic tracks.

#2: Enei – “Hot Plate”  [Critical Music]

Enei has been releasing tracks for years, and over that amount of time has managed to create a unique style. I’ve been following him since early 2011 and every track he’s made has at least one element where I’m like, ‘wow!’ Hot Plate is no exception. Probably one of the best drum patterns of the year, this track gets feet moving no matter when it’s played in the night. It’s suitable for a darker evening or a peak moment, so I love the versatility. Hearing this track out makes me need to move, and that’s why I love it in my sets – what else could you ask for in a song?

#1: Break “They’re Wrong” (Calibre Alternate remix) [Symmetry Recordings]

Break puts out a great track that Calibre takes and creates a masterpiece with. The addition of instruments like the piano make this song scream ‘CALIBRE!’ while still holding the soul and deepness of the original. A beautiful addition to Calibre’s extensive remix collection, I love ‘They’re Wrong’ because it catches your voice inside your throat with extensive emotion and killer drums. This track slips in wherever you want to make the crowd feel something beneath the surface with the haunting, ambiguous lyrics that always seem to fit any situation. Calibre steps this song up with his own style and I love to add something that feels this emotionally charged to my sets – not everything is about how heavy you can get down.

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