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Best of 2014: Top 25 Drum and Bass Tracks Picked by the DnB Girls of Canada



J.F. KILLAH (Vancouver, BC) Top 5 DnB Picks of 2014

#5 – Ivy Lab & Hydro – “Make It Clear” (feat. Frank Carter III and Lucy Annika)  [Metalheadz]

Such an incredibly beautiful tune with amazing vocals. There were many days this year that I had this song in my head and couldn’t help but sing it out loud. I ended my Bass Coast set with it and some awesome girls lit sparklers. I felt so elated as the tune played out that I’d have to say it was one of my happiest memories all year, and one that will always be invoked when I hear this song.

#4: Hyroglifics – “Killamanaman”  [Critical Music]

I really enjoy what Hyrolglifics has been putting out and have been really into that halftime sound lately. I admire the originality and unique sound of this tune and the bassline is absolutely sick.

#3: S.P.Y. – “Redcliffe”  [Hospital Records]

This guy is definitely one of my favorite producers, and again I loved the diversity of the entire album. I am very picky with jump up and this is one of the few jump up tunes I play on the regular. It’s got lots of energy and I love the contrast between the breakdown with the melodic female vocal samples transitioning into a dark and dirty drop.

#2: Foreign Concept – “When You’re Alone”  [Critical Music]

I’m a sucker for a good roller and this is one is top notch. The entire album is brilliant with such diversity it was a difficult choice to narrow down the best tune. I love the vocals and the key it’s written in, all the sounds blend perfectly together.

#1: Alix Perez – “Gully Halves”  Alix Perez [Exit Records]

When I hear this tune drop, I can’t help but make a bass face! It goes off large every time I play it and I absolutely love the use of the 808 hits combined with the heavy, dirty bass.

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