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Best of 2014: Top 25 Drum and Bass Tracks Picked by the DnB Girls of Canada



JAMS (Calgary, AB) Top 5 DnB Picks of 2014

#5: Dub Phizix  – “Bounce” [SenkaSonic]

This track was produced by Dub Phizix on the massive Buffalo Charge release and in my opinion it is the better of the two tracks although severely overshadowed by Buffalo Charge, which was overplayed this year by the time it was legitimately available to the public. I feel Bounce is the more original of the two and definitely my preferred tune off the EP. The driving bass is super energetic and adventurous. This tune makes me think star wars meets steel drums. It’s super fun mixing this track when you have a double drop then cut out the opposite tune to highlight the “yeahs”’ and “bounces”.

#4: Alix Perez  – “Dark Days” ft. Foreign Beggars (Fourward Remix) [Shogun Audio]

I love how much this track pushes the limits and boundaries of Drum and Bass. It is seriously out of control and so is the ever talented Alix Perez, whom I might mention has had an extremely great year. He closes things off with an absolute dance floor destroyer, featuring the Foreign Beggars, taken from the recently released ’10 years of Shogun Audio’ album which I would recommend that you all check out. This tune will still be killing it well into next year and beyond.

#3: Gods Neighbors feat. Will Manning – “Ulterior Motive” [Metalheadz]

It was hard to specifically choose which Ulterior Motive tune I wanted to feature, as everything they touch turns to gold. I pretty much adore all of the tunes that were released by them this past year and it was truly difficult to narrow down which one made me feel like it was the most deserved for this spot. Ulterior Motive absolutely crushed 2014…Crushed it. I am pretty certain they are Drum and Bass cyborgs sent from the future to destroy us all. Each and every tune on the ‘Fourth Wall’ album is incredible but I choose this tune instead because I was truly attracted to its darker energy and emotion. The compelling and mysterious synth combined with the junglistic snares showcase the most relentless and raw sounds of DnB, and I like it extra grimy. Gods Neighbors was released on the 18 track ‘Platinum Breakz 4’, one of the biggest Metalheadz albums of the year featuring the likes of Om Unit, Calibre, DLR, Script, Ulterior Motive, Spirit, Digital, Hydro, Ivy Lab,Scar, FD, Lenzman, Escher, Blocks, Loxy, Resound, Artificial Intelligence, Consequence, Jubei, Dub Phizix,Skeptical, Sunchase, Heist, The Invaderz, and Bipolar!! I highly recommend to check the Platinum Breakz album series out if you haven’t done so already.

#2: Xtrah – “No Good”  [Metalheadz]

The simplicity of this track is pure beauty in it’s finest form. Xtrah is one of my favorite producers and this particular track released on metalheadz is something very different from what we are used to seeing from him. This tune gives the listeners space to breath without compromising dance floor energy. It is a reflection of the inner heart and soul behind Xtrah, the softer side to his customary heavy bass rollers. The vocals are haunting, sexy, powerful and a perfect compliment to the crisp and refreshing mood of the track.

#1: Insideinfo ft Miss Trouble – “Metamorphosis” –  [Viper Recordings]

Miss Trouble is seriously such a bad ass babe. Her voice is completely out of this world and this right here has to be one of my favorite all-time collaborations involving her vocals. Insideinfo kills the production value on this whole tune but especially the 2nd drop … Money!!! The icing on the cake is the extremely intricate noises and samples displayed throughout the background over the entire track. This song inspired me to create the following quote “To gain the most from drum and bass, hear the sounds between the space.” Every time that I listen to this track I swear I hear a new hidden element, I feel these magic touches help convey the story as powerfully as the words themselves. I thoroughly enjoyed dropping this ridiculously awesome track in the recent exclusive podcast I put out for the 403DnB mix series as well as live on PK Sound at the Black Sun Empire show this past September.

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