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Best of 2014: Top 20 Bass Music Tracks Picked by Aufect Recordings


Patrik Cure Top 5 Bass Picks of 2014

#5: Taal Mala – “White Label Renegade” (Grenier Remix) – Modern Math Recordings

One of Canadas top producers, Taal Mala came correct on the original. The don, Grenier on the flip with an impressive remix of this already monsterous tune. Absolute banger, this one got rinsed hard all summer!

#4: Kate Tempest – “The Beigness” (Stray Remix) – BIG DADA

Stray had a standout year for me in 2014. He is probably the most versatile producer I can currently think of. This is one of his clunkier, almost Dilla inspired 175 half time beats. Looking forward to more Stray productions in 2015!

#3: Sam Binga featuring Redders – “Lef Dem” – Critical Music

Sam Binga is another producer that has been around for a minute that had a bit of a breakout year. A string of collabs with Redders and constantly experimenting with his own style of Hip Hop and half time DnB hybrid riddims, we can definately hear a style developing he can call his own. This track is guaranteed to jump start the dance floor to overdrive! Redders is nice on the mic too! I am def looking forward to more collabs from these two in 2015!

#2: HxdB & Patrik Cure featuring Thinktank – “Sound The Alarm” (Carpe Noctum & Kid Kurse Remix)

HxdB and I wrote “Sound The Alarm” for the 2014 Shambhala remix competition. This is the winning track, which pretty much took our original and served it back to us on a silver platter. Gangster!

#1: Skepta – “That’s not me” (Boy Better Know All-Stars Remix)

2014 saw a huge resurgence in grime, and Skepta has never been more on point. This remix is topped up with some heavyweight guests and is guaranteed to mash up the dance!

DJ Cure’s Bonus picks:

DR Jeep “Eccies” and Wiley’s “And Again”

Both still getting rinsed!

A big thanks to Aufect for sharing their arsenal! Make sure to follow Aufect on SoundCloud to get the newest sounds coming down the musical pipe in 2015. These guys are all sure to have big years between constant studio sessions and constant hunting for the best tunes on the planet.

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