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Best of 2014: Top 20 Bass Music Tracks Picked by Aufect Recordings


Ghostwhip Top 5 Bass Picks of 2014

#5: DJ Nasty – “Cruisin’ Down 7 Mile” – Yo Sucka

This is the first thing to come from DJ Nasty in a really long time. Thing is, this was actually supposed to come out on Wallshaker Records in the 90s but with the unfortunate passing of Aaron Carlis, this release was shelved and not discovered until now. great stuff, they don’t make music like this anymore.

#4: Taal Mala – White Label Renegade – Moden Math Recordings

This is the one tune we’re listing that isn’t Booty releated. It’s a straight weirdo dancefloor shaker. It is drenched in that obscure Vancouver after party vibe and for that and is one of best Canadian bass releases ever.

#3: Philthkids – “Get 2 Werk” – Philthtrax

This is another tune that didn’t come out until this year but has been circling around for a minute. It’s really catchy and was recorded in my bedroom with our buddies. It’s an instant classic that gets played by some our faves like DJ Earl, Addison Groove, Lee Bannon. This is will be one of the tunes they probably remember us for. Shouts to Yes Please and Fluxo for joinging us in the studio on this one.

#2: Chump Change – “Star” – Philthtrax

Chump Change always comes super on point with his melodic roller productions. It’s really hard to single out a single tune, but we find ourselves playing this one probably more than the others.

#1: Jonny Megabyte – “Cactus Room” – Philthtrax

Megabyte has been a household name in ghettotech for many years, so when he sent us ‘Cactus Room’ we thought we would give it a few listens to try and come up with an explanation of what exactly we were hearing. We still don’t have an answer for that, except it’s exceptional original work that lies somewhere in between many genres where the best music is often created.

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