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Best of 2014: Top 20 Bass Music Tracks Picked by Aufect Recordings


The Top 20 Bass Tracks of 2014 – Top 5 Bass Tracks Picked by 4 Aufect Recordings DJs

It’s no secret that bass music has been through all kinds of changes in the last couple years. From dubstep, to brostep, to all types of west coast glitch hop, and back through the nether regions of all these genres, bass music has landed in a place where even a house track can now be considered “bass”. DJ Cure, and the rest of his crew at Aufect Records have consistently been at the forefront of trends in bassy music, pinpointing what’s good amongst the massive. As a whole, the genre is absolutely huge, and one can get lost in a dead end of noise without guidance. Luckily, Aufect have been kind enough to share the best in bass 2014. Looking into the crates of these guys is both a privilege and an honour, as a DJ’s arsenal is their life. Without further adieu, All You Need is Bass presents Aufect Recording’s Best in Bass 2014.

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