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Bassnectar Quits Music to Fish Bass


After a three-week fishing excursion ‘splorin Lake Erie, Ohio, Bassnectar, AKA Lorin Ashton, announced he is trading in his turn tables for rods and reels. “I had no idea this adventure would turn out to be so very special,” he said during an outdoor press conference wearing a shirt that says Double-Digit Bass under a mesh fishing vest, cut-off jeans shorts, and what appeared to be a homemade necklace made of fish teeth. “Bass like noise, so it was a natural progression. I developed my own prototype of underwater speakers. I play my music mixed with sound bites of worms grunting and frogs and lizards doing their thing. It rattles the boat some and makes the water turbid, but they love it. That’s how you catch big bass.”

5de57c_07774ef7dce7404786e865b2e9a89254.jpg_1024After fielding a few of questions about how fans would react to the absence of one of the most respected electronic dance music artists, a couple of white-wing doves landed under an oak tree next to the afflicted artist. Bassnectar stared at the lake and after a few moments said, “Bass have really taken hold of my life. I’ve made a lot of hard life decisions, but I never look back. I’ve got a simple hankerin’ for fish. They call it the big bass blues I guess. I don’t need no fancy light shows or DJ competitions. There’s three parts to the fishing cocktail of happiness for me. And that’s bass, bass and more bass.”

When asked what was next for the fishing artist and self proclaimed bass whisperer, Lorin replied, “I’m going to head to South Africa where the bass roam with elephants. The bass need me there. Catch and release of bass is something I’m big on. I’m going to educated them on bass and even train them how to revive a type of bass that are dying off.”

Bassnectar is planning on releasing his first underwater bass album in time for the start of the angling season this year. It’s called Cops and Bobbers and features a single Gotcha! with Mos Def, who commemorating the collaboration, has changed his name again, this time to Mos Bass.

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