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BassBus Launches New Venue

It’s no secret that like most North American cities, Calgary has often struggled with venue shortages when it comes to hosting music events. Especially when those music events are associated with the cultural stigma of raving, drug culture or loud bass heavy music. Unfortunately for every electronic music lover, dodging these stigmas is often the biggest obstacle in enjoying music we love. Despite the fact that electronic music has built a beautiful and supportive cultural community, there are always a number of factors looming in the shadows to prove naysayers right. Ultimately, this means venues are scarce. They are a non-renewable resource in an environment of massive need.

BasbuslogoLuckily for party people in the city of Calgary, BassBus exists. For years now, the crew has taken it upon themselves to be support beacons for our cyclical party scene, always emerging with something for the community to lean on. BassBus has always gone above and beyond, uniting party crews that would never otherwise work together, uniting artists and art forms that would never otherwise exist in the same place, all the while creating a space for some of the most passionate, creative, driven individuals gathered under one roof to dance. Their parties are always original, with good vibes from wall-to-wall.

That doesn’t mean it’s always been easy for BassBus to find a venue space. They share the same struggles as many other event producers, and just like many that have come before them, they yearned for the perfect space to call their own. Well, it looks like they have found that space.

ThecratelogoOn April 25, 2015, BassBus launched “The CRATE.” Located in industrial Calgary, The CRATE is a gorgeous warehouse venue, perfect for BassBus’ brand of shows. High roofs adorned with chandeliers and giant windows provide a flawless setting for the best in the underground – the music and art attendees have come to love and expect from BassBus shows. “If you walk into The CRATE, right away you know it’s a very special place,” says BassBus’ Baran Faber. “We want to create a space that kind of has its own brand, its own recognition. It’s unlike any other venue in Calgary,” he goes on to say.

RootconnectionpassportThe CRATE will hopefully have longevity, and be instrumental in our community as a private venue space. Not open to the public, to gain access to The CRATE, attendees must sign up for a Root Connection passport. The passport is a means to further solidify community. Most people living in Calgary are probably aware of many of Calgary’s archaic laws, making it nearly impossible to have these types of events (legally) in our bustling metropolis. Root Connection provides a way for community to thrive on, by connecting at the root. “As an event producer, there are laws that you have to work with,” says Faber. “We want to create our own network offline, so what Root Connection is, is essentially a party club.” The point of Root Connection, is that it will allow BassBus crew a means to communicate with members without being all over Facebook and in the public eye. The whole thing has both a very grass roots feeling, and pays homage to the old days of raving when parties were much more underground.

In the end, one day, BassBus hopes to sell out events using only Root Connection, and make an eventual move away from the clutches of Zuckerberg. An ideology that is All You Need is Bass Approved.

Editor’s Note: A big thanks to BassBus crew for having us out for opening night with Deep One, Donna Dada, Fluxo, BOGL and Metafloor. We can’t wait for the next event, happening in just a few weeks time! Check the photo gallery above, and make sure to keep up with all of BassBus’ upcoming events so you don’t miss out on what will surely be Calgary electronic music history!

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