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BASSPod: Melo.Nade

This edition of BASS Pod is some sweet sweet musical Melo.Nade. Smooth to your ears and to your soul, Melo.Nade puts his musical focus on thought provoking creative music of a bass persuasion. Bumping around from genre to genre, the only constant is high quality tunes! He’s part of the Tycho music family, a bass music label out of Calgary, Alberta, famous for hosting some of today’s top acts including Minnesota and one of our previous BASS Pod editions, Crazy Daylight.

Melo.Nade recently played a rocking set at FozzyFest near Fernie B.C, and this mix pays homage to some of the tunes played that night. In an otherwise house music landscape, Melo.Nade rocked the floor with a smooth bass laden style that had the floor smiling from ear to ear. Good clean sounds and good dance vibes, Melo.Nade has a master’s degree in dance parties.

Kick back and relax, or better yet, play this enroute to your next summer party adventure! A big thanks to Melo.Nade for putting this one together for us.



1 SIXIS – Mycolinguistic
2 SIXIS – Synthetic Dawn
3 sAuce – Don’t You Know
4 Guttstar – Hard Code
5 Tigorilla – Ray (Original Mix)
6 Minnesota & G Jones – Blast Off
7 Sauce (Spankinz) – Love Spank
8 Guttstar – Where Do Dead Stars Go? (Original Mix)
9 Cory O & Radius – Still Awake
10 NicoLuminous – Light It Up
11 Good Buddha – Party Reserve (Tipper Remix)
12 Guda – Out and Back (SIXIS Remix)
13 Plantrae – Insurrectionary Ecology
14 Rubberband – Elastic
15 Shimi Sonic – Supernova (Mouldy Soul Remix)
16 Robotic Pirate Monkey – Digging For Fortune
17 Vinja – Dirt and Lace
18 NOG – Take off your socks! (Ying Yang Twins Vs. Muddy Waters, Fat Freddy, Biggie and Missy)
19 DJ Snake – Bird Machine
20 NicoLuminous – Go To Work
21 Barry Koota – Joleen Timbre Purse
— Vinja – The Strange Pull
22 Bomb The Bass – Bug Powder Dust (Kruder & Dorfmeister Remix)
23 Finecut Bodies – Beetle In The Bandoneon
— Bombay Dub Orchestra – Egypt By Air (Earthrise SoundSystem Remix)
24 Govinda – Sonic Muse
25 SIXIS & Skrypt – Meteor Blitz
26 Melo.Nade – Hanging Stones
27 Melo.Nade x ZZ Ward – Lil’ Darlin (Remix)

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 Record Label: Tycho Records


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