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BASSPod: Deeps featuring Infoe – Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It

Deeps-Infoe-BasspodWhat better way to keep this festival season grooving along then by giving everyone a little taste of what’s to come from two of our favourite Western Canadian artists: Deeps and Infoe!

Deeps and Infoe are the complete package. On one hand you have Deeps whose bass heavy style of hip hop, dnb, and bass lines are so sick and dirty you might want to hose down your speakers afterwards. Then, on the other hand you have Infoe; an emcee/producer whose lyrical mastery can only be described by one word: Legit! 

So get ready for this edition of the AYNiB BassPod where you’ll find a giant supply of the dirtiest bass lines and sick vocal stylings to help you make it through the days until you get to hit up another festival this summer! This is an explosive mix of gangsta rap, killer bass and an Emcee who drops lyrical bombs like a predator drone on a search and destroy mission.


Track list:

Ice Cube – Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It
Hoogs – Locked Door
Konichi – Sekund Fort
the Outlaw – Fight You Today
Meddler – Awkward Gas
Konichi – Slugger
Hoogs – Ice Block
Hoogs – Factory
Nu Elementz vs Snak the Ripper – Hate Me (Deeps Edit)
Drastik Measures – Revolution (Bad Trip & Nu Elementz Remix)
Decimal Bass – Not What It Seems
Decimal Bass & Version – Planet Utah
Hoogs – Dump Yard
SubZero – Run & Hide
Sw@t & Inside Info – Awkward
Hoogs vs Apathy – Sociopath (Deeps Edit)
Hoogs – Heavy Mental
Nu Elementz & Klay – Timeshift
Konichi vs House of Pain – Fed Up (Deeps Edit)
Steppa & Kitcha – House of Pain (Serum Remix)
Konichi – Engulfer
Crystal Clear & Freeze – Somethings Wrong
Danny Byrd & Roni Size – Grit
TC – Tap Ho (Remix)
TC – Tap Ho (Venum & Kiff Remix)
SubZero – Poon VIP
Bass Brothers – Gimme Some
Syanide – Im Feeling High
Krooga – Buss One
Levela – Riot Shield
Hoogs – Puffin Clouds
IronLung – Impossible
Opiou vs Dr Dre – Bitches Aint Shit (Deeps Edit)

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