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Bass Coast Lineup: First Wave be Like Whoa

As we all patiently wait for this summer’s festival lineups to be released, Bass Coast has given us the first taste. And it is FIYAH!


Bass Coast is known for finding talent on the up and up, and breaking them to attendees before they blow up. For example, last year they brought us pre Wasted Days Sam Binga. Sam Binga played a set so good at Bass Coast 2015, that people were almost weeping with tears of joy, no jokes. He went on to release one of 2015’s most seminal full-length albums on Critical Sound, one of the most forward thinking labels on the block.

This year is no different. The first wave is more than promising. It’s actually kind of crazy:




Avalon Emerson

Bleep Bloop


Ivy Lab



Octo Octa

Reva Devito

Roman Flügel



Scratcha DVA


Todd Edwards

Bass Coast caps their event at just 3 000 attendees, which is really not that many! This means it will very likely sell out. Based on this first wave of talent, we’re in! Ivy Lab playing individual sets as Sabre and Stray is enough for us.

Yep. Bass Coast 2016 be like whoa!

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