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Interview with Phutureprimitive

Phutureprimitive has just finished his Fall tour with Sphongle and is now in the midst of a 17 day solo tour. We had the chance to talk to him about his summer adventures, touring and plans for the future. Without further ado All You Need is Bass presents our feature interview with Phutureprimitive.

AYNiB: Thanks again for chatting with us here at All You Need is Bass, we know the summer festival season wound down a couple of months ago. How was the summer circuit for you this year?

Phutureprimitive: This summer was a blast. I hit quite a few festivals this year. Some of the highlights were What The Festival, Rootwire, Sonic Bloom and Starscape Festival. I really feel electronic music is best heard outdoors, under the stars, in the open air, and preferably in a beautiful location/setting. This is why I love performing at festivals so much, it can really help to enhance what is already a great musical experience.

Phutureprimitive at What The Festival

Do you have any defining moments for you this summer?

The crowd for Starscape festival was absolutely massive, which was an amazing experience. What the Festival was my favorite, such a well orchestrated event. I can’t wait to go back. Getting to see how well the crowds have been reacting to my music as I’ve grown over the past year has really been a highlight. Just getting to meet fans after the show and hear how the music has impacted them in a positive way, that’s really one of the best rewards I can get as a musician. Particularly, because I know how much of a positive and powerful force music has been for me in my life.

You just finished your fall tour with Sphongle, how did that come about?

[quote style=”boxed” float=”right”]Seeing people smile and dance night after night is such an amazing experience.[/quote] Well, Simon and I have been friends for many years now and our music has enough similar elements that they compliment each other well. I just finished a great spring Tour with him earlier this year. So, when the time came to pick someone for the fall tour I was fortunate enough to get asked for a follow-up tour. The fall tour was more on the West Coast and along the South with some other locations sprinkled in for good measure. The follow-up tour really was a special one. Seeing people smile and dance night after night is such an amazing experience.

Your Massive Attack – Teardrop (Phutureprimitive Remix) is incredibly satisfying, what else is on your roster for releases?

Thanks for that! Well, I’m working on a new album. Hoping for a February or March of 2013 release, accompanied with a new tour. I’ve been dropping several new songs in my set to test them out and see how they go over with the crowd and I’m stoked at the response they’ve been getting. I have a couple new songs in which I’ve collaborated with female vocalists that I quite like for the album, and I have some other ideas and experiments I’d like to try. Right now the biggest challenge is having enough time in the studio (not on the road) to finish new music. But, I’m not complaining, I couldn’t be happier. I may also have another remix or two coming along before the album release. I really enjoy remixing.

Venue Nightclub in Vancouver BC

We had the chance to see you when you came through Vancouver in September. For all the techno geeks out there, what type of setup are you working with?

To perform with it changes up depending on how long I’ll be on the road and how I’m traveling. I use a Macbook Pro, Ableton, iPad running TouchAble, an Apogee Duet and depending on my mood, any combination of the following: Livid Cntrl:r, Novation Launchpad, Korg NanoKey and NanoKontrol, Source Audio Hothand Midi EXP. I like to change it up now and then to keep me on my toes when I’m performing. I’m also kind of a gear whore so if anything looks like it might be fun to use on stage I’ll usually try it out.

The vibe at the events we have heard you spin at seem to emulate a really rich atmosphere of positivity, anything particular you attribute this to? As, we have seen not all electronic music events are created equal.

I’m not sure which particular events you’ve heard me at, but I think vibe is a combination of several elements coming together. The intention and execution of those throwing the event is pretty critical. Are you just throwing up a sound system and selling tickets or are you making an effort to transform the space into something unique for the evening/weekend? Deco, lighting, atmosphere, alternative stages? Do you have water readily available? Do you have quality vending? Did you promote the event well? Did you hire decent security that has some level or professionalism when dealing with the party goers? Quality sound system and someone who knows how to run it? Is the event organized? Is there an experienced stage manager to make sure things run smoothly “behind the scenes”, so that the artist can get on stage smoothly and do their thing? Did you charge for the event appropriately? Are you simply looking to capitalize on the current proliferation of electronic music’s fan base? Or, are you also looking to provide/promote some sort of positive message or experience that will have those attending smiling and wanting to come back? The rave scene, which has now blossomed into whatever you want to call it, has been around now for a couple decades and there are those looking to
take things to the next level.

You are playing at Synthesis 2012 this December in Yucatan Mexico to ring in the end of the Mayan Calendar. How excited are you!?

I’m completely stoked! I have no expectation of what the end of the Mayan Calendar will bring, but I can’t think of a better place to be when it happens. I know the promoters of this event are working hard to make it a memorable experience. Friends, family, great music, pyramids, celebration… sign me up!

Thank you again Rain for chatting with us here at All You Need is Bass. It was a pleasure!

Check his tour dates here to see if he is playing in your city or if your feeling adventurous, he will also be playing at the Synthesis Festival in Yucatan Mexico.

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