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AYNiB sits down with Sugarpill

This past July we had the pleasure of heading down to the White River Canyon, Oregon for What The Festival. Our Friday night was kicked off with some of the most fun, bouncy and oh so delicious glitch. The purveyor of this wicked sound was Los Angeles’ very own Sugarpill . His production skills and seamless West Coast bouncy beats were fantastic and we were super excited to sit down with him for an interview.

AYNiB: So, first things first, thanks for sitting down with us here at What The Festival. I have to say right off the bat, that you killed it last night. How was it playing for that crowd?

SP: Awesome, thank you! I didn’t realize I was playing at sunset. It worked out perfectly with how I planned to play that set with some of my bouncier new tunes with some of my more downtempo sounds. It was really fun. A lot of people have been giving me really good feedback about me visually being really into it.

AYNiB: Yeah you looked like you were having a pretty rad time up there.

SP: Yeah I was, that was pretty fun!

AYNiB: For our readers who aren’t familiar with your sound, or maybe someone who didn’t get a chance to see your set last night. How would you describe your sound?

SP: It’s kind of like glitchy bass music but also with strong melodies – like driving stuff. It’s a little bit weird but still really bouncy and danceable.

AYNiB: I know I have heard that you describe it as a poly…

SP: Yeah, polytemponic melodo crunky glitch bass. It embodies a little bit of all of it; there is rap influence, playing different melodies at different tempos. I’m trying to cross a bunch of different boundaries at the same time.

AYNiB: Just from experiencing your set last night you really seemed to have honed in on this beautifully delicious glitchy sound. How did you get to this point in your music?

SP: I make music to chill out and as my form of expression. Just doing it a lot and to actually be listening to what I am doing, to compose these sounds that make me smile and make me happy. I am probably the one who will be listening to it the most out of anybody. It’s just practice and listening to the point were it resonates with me.

AYNiB: After taking a look at what you have been up to, it seems like you have been keeping yourself pretty busy. What is next after What The Festival? What do you have on your roster?

SP: I have Minnesota for the Infrasound Music festival, then Gladkill and I are going to the East Coast to do a show in Artemas Pennsylvania then New York City, then we are off to Chicago after that. Then I have my next EP coming out on August 16th through Multi Music. Then we are going to Seattle for Hemp Fest right after that. I think that is as far back as I can remember outright.

AYNiB: Are you going to Burning Man this year?

SP: Actually no Burning Man this year sadly. I really needed a year off from it. Last year we went really big and did a whole camp with Headtron. This year we are just regrouping and figuring out how we will take that forward next year. We are thinking of what to do next year. We just did our own stage at Mt. Baldy for the 5 Points Gathering and What The Festival. I think it’s all we have in us for the moment.

AYNiB: I hear you, it was supposed to be our 5th year but we didn’t all get tickets and we would have been mad broke by the end of the festival circuit.

SP: Yeah it comes at the end of festival season too so this feels like it should be the last one for me but we will be rattling stuff off for the next month on the weekends.

AYNiB: So ,with all of the dates you have lined up, what are the highs and lows of touring for you?

SP: It’ always that much better when I get to play with people I know, my homies. It’s always a high point to have your close friends go with to a city and play with, that is always fun. When I don’t have that its sometimes like waiting around for a show where I don’t know anybody and just end up chilling on a couch, that would be my low point but that is still not that bad. <laughs>

AYNiB: So, on tour have you had to deal with any crazies?

SP: <laughs> Yes, people are crazy!


AYNiB: Here at WTF is there anyone particular that you are stoked to see?

SP: Yes, the lineup on the Effin stage. That is a lineup I would pay to come see anytime. I was super stoked to see a lot of the artists I like to hang out with. Pretty much last nights (Friday) was all really solid. Tonight I just got turned on to Sinjin Hawke.

AYNiB: So, you are putting out your new EP on August 16th, Space Foray. Can you tell us a bit about it?

SP: If you were to take my set last night and spread out a lot of the bouncier 90bpm like the hip-hop glitchy sounds and dropping it into the lower heavier sounds. That would be pretty much what it is. I have been trying to focus on writing stuff with different tempos for people that like the mix. Giving the variation from the 140 double time to the 200, that is about the range the new one is going to be. I have been really working on getting the balance in all the different tempos of my music. A lot of people have criticized glitch as being to hard to dance to and not having something strong and catchy to remember a particular tune. So, I have been really trying to add those elements into what I do because I really like that style. One of the things people want to do when they go to a party is just bounce around and dance and get crazy.

AYNiB: I would say that’s probably a fair assessment. Glitch sometimes can be hard to find that beat, but nobody seemed to be having a problem with doing that last night. You seem to have no problem with getting people to bouncing and rocking out to glitch.

SP: I have been practicing different ways of doing it for years now. I like to see people dance to all different kinds of music, where it is not just one same thing the whole time with just one movement the entire time. I like to get people doing different moves and what inspires me to do that is a new sound.

AYNiB: One last question, do you have a rider, and if so do you have any must haves on it?

SP:  <laughing> My rider is not super crazy. It’s really more stuff that I may not have time to get before I get to the show. Like coconut water and a lighter. Oh and to make sure I have enough beer for when people come back stage. I started by asking for a six-pack, but if there is a six-pack backstage you will only get 1. If you get a 12 pack you might get 2 or 3.

AYNiB: So you calculate your beer by the power of six?

SP: Yeah because they never keep the green room completely closed, so you have to get that much beer to get three. Promoters are always super good with getting the basics like water and a towel, I think having a towel is reasonable; I sweat just looking at the stage haha.

AYNiB: Thanks for sitting down with us Evan, and I really hope you enjoy the rest of What the Festival!

Don’t forget to look for Sugarpill’s new EP, Space Foray, out on August 16th. If you like what you hear check out his soundcloud, facebook and twitter.



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