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Astral Harvest 2014 Line Up is Tipping the Scales


Recently, Astral Harvest announced their all star line-up for 2014. This year’s has been tipping the scales for many festival goers to add it to their must attend list. Each festival season, thousands of Canadians have begged their favourite festivals to bring in Tipper to grace the stage with his unique sound and magical turntable skills. He’s talented act that both old schoolers and new comers highly respect and always want to see. Thank you Astral Harvest for fulfilling our demands!

Ontop of this single amazing booking, attendees will also be graced with the big, glitchy or funky bass sounds of Sigma, Griz, Far Too Loud, Kayla Scintillia, Random Rab, Mat the Alien, Mafia Kiss, Timothy Wisdom, Goosebumpz, Nominus, Adham Shaikh, Vespers, The Librarian, Shamanic Technology, and Shamik. 

Another great thing about the Astral Harvest 2014 line up is it also features world class acts from a variety of other electronic music genres. Psy-Trance, House, Garage, Techno, etc. If you’ve been attending electronic music events for as long as we have, it’s a guarantee you have a crew of friends with a broad range of musical preference. Festivals like this give us the rare opportunity to have all your crew to come to the same festival and all be happy with the music provided.

To see the full list of talent hit up the Astral Harvest 2013 Line Up information here.


Astral Harvest runs July 3-6, 2014 in Driftpile, Alberta which is 3.5 hours north of Edmonton. The venue is on the beautiful North Country Fair festival grounds, owned by the Lesser Slave Lake North Country Community Association. It’s also a family-friendly event that welcomes kids of all ages. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian (with documentation) – no exceptions. Children under 12 are free and must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.

Astral-Harvest-2013-yoga-AllieKatFull on art in both visual and live forms is featured for everyone to amaze the mind, treat your eyes and interact with. Performances from Hoop Dance Ninjas, Muse Bellydance, Lilith & Snakeman, Flowscience, plus full on fire shows. Then add in visual art from some fantastic Canadian artists, and just for good measure multi-sensorial decor delights from Mexico and Edmonton and special art installations from sculpture Delayne Corbett and Parastra Intergalactic with CloudCandle; a solar lantern lighting installation piece that light up festival pathways in a sustainable way.

The icing on this festivals cake is a full listing of something for everyone interactive workshop fun. Movement workshops that teach you hip hop moves, hooping and poi lessons, to pole-dancing playtime. Astral Harvard: Conferences to expand your brain including talks from revolutionary visionaries touching on a range of topics from conscious relationships, crystalline vibrations, eating for enlightenment, energy healing, shamanic awareness, meditation, sacred geometry and even the art of sampling! There will also be a couple art workshops to inspire your inner creative talents, lots of yoga classes, and even a listing of family fun events for the little ones to enjoy.

Astral-Harvest-2013-grass-AllieKatIf this information alone doesn’t entice you to attend Astral Harvest 2014 then maybe the promise of full PK Sound, early entry for $25 a person, great camping spots with fire pits that you can use (weather permitting), artisan and food vendors, coin operated showers and plenty of clean, well kept washrooms (GREAT BONUS!).

Astral Harvest in defiantly putting its name on the map this year… Be sure to get yourself there and expect more exclusive coverage for this great festival gem from us shortly!

Tickets are only $220. Buy yours today before this line up announcement sells them out!

Want to help be a part of this festival? Be sure to hit up their website for info on volunteering or becoming a vendor or even apply yourself for an Installation Grant. They are looking for big art installations, lighting concepts, and structures in the form of domes, yurts, circus tents, large shade protection, and a covered eating area that protects in both the rain and sun.


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