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AYNiB is a website dedicated to bass music festivals and the culture that surrounds them. Everyday we strive to bring you the best and most unique content you can find about our scene. From our continually updated bass music festival directory, festival news and reviews, music reviews, in-depth interviews, and a huge focus on the culture and the people that help shape it. Including, art, fashion, tips and more. If you love bass music you and like attending bass music festivals we are positive you’ll be sticking around.

We have a team of 4 key officials situated in Vancouver, BC, plus 8 additional contributors located throughout BC and Alberta. This team is extremely passionate about bass culture and have all been a huge part of it in some manner for many years. We are also looking to expand our team even further across Canada, the US, and across the globe!

The Team:

Founder / Creative Director / Writer

I’ve been deeply in love with the EDM scene for over a decade and this love turned into a wild passionate affair when I finally discovered bass music and attended my first music festival, Shambhala. Since then, I’ve become a proud Village Stage volunteer for many years and counting. I also went on a year long adventure across the globe with my husband and friends seeking out new bass culture experiences. Some highlights were seeing Roni Size & the Reprazent Crew at Get Loaded in the Park, dancing beside Jenna G at Sun and Bass, and daring to enter some dark club off a bad alley in Russia for a local dnb night.

I also love the world of art & design. The world is an amazing place created by nature alone, but when a human design element is added it makes this world even more intriguing and awe inspiring. Design is everywhere. From the way a leave falls on the ground to the way we choose to dress every morning. Nothing makes me happier then seeing my personal self expression exposed in a positive manner for all to see.

Thus, it’s brings me great joy to be able to combine my two passions in life here at AYNiB! You will find me working my ninja skills behind the scenes making sure AYNiB maintains it’s great curb appeal. Plus, you will also find my voice in our articles covering anything from fashion, festival tips, festival news/reviews and cats.


Founder / Chief Marketing Officer / Writer
For over a decade I’ve stood atop mountains of twitching candy ravers, as the gods of bass lay waste to their minds. The amen break is the mantra of my religion and that religion is the broken beat! For years now, I have searched for music that will quell the screams from ‘Nam. Granted, I was there only a few years ago, and the screams were from the baby on the bus to the Cu Chi Tunnels – but it was war! I look forward to bringing you my insight in to this crazy culture we all know and love.
Founder / Editor in Chief / Writer
Writer by night, corporate shill by day, and all around bass junkie. I’ve spent the last 13 years in the EDM community dancing, throwing events, laughing, and having the best time. I’m super excited to be combining three of my passions: Writing, Music and the Internet! I will be acting as Editor in Chief here at AYNiB and being one of the prime contributors to the site.




Founder / Writer
Music and art is basis for all culture. We experience it through sound, sight, touch…and even taste (mmm salty music sweat)! Though my technical knowledge of bass music might not be my strongest suit. (I didn’t know the difference between an Amen break and coffee break until Scott explained it to me) I know what I love, and when bass is involved I love what I hear. Here at AYNiB I will be your Arts contributor in all things bassy and salty.




K. Lea
Copy Editor / Writer / Photographer
For the last 12 years, I have been attending electronic music events in western Canada. My musical tastes embrace most genres of EDM, including drum and bass, ragga, glitch hop, drumstep, breaks, dubstep, juke, techno, electro, downtempo, house, moombahton, minimal and all other hybrids of these musical varieties. I believe that basically all genres have something to offer, and all can be good with the right producer. In addition to EDM I’m a lover of music in general. My iPod currently houses many other forms of music outside the realm of EDM. Hip hop, reggae, dancehall, indie rock, rockabilly, punk rock, jazz, funk and folk can usually be found amongst the ‘Recently Played’ section of my iTunes library.

In addition to loving music, I also volunteer at many events and festivals throughout the year. Most of my weekends in the summer months are spent in a tent during prime festival season. I have been a member of the Village Stage crew at Shambhala Music Festival for about 7 years, and always look forward to every May long weekend when stage work commences at the Salmo River Ranch with the rest of the “farmily”. The list of other shows and festivals I attend is quite extensive, as it spans about a decade.

Overall, I’m an advocate of arts and subculture with my favourite activities anchored around supporting and taking part in these various communities. I hope to continue to be involved for at least another decade, if not forever.

Writer / DJ / Basspod Intro Creator 
Electronic music is a sincere passion of mine. I have been collecting records for well over 13 years, and pride myself in having encyclopedic knowledge of sample-based music. An avid turntablist and music gear enthusiast, I began my journey into music production after initially being inspired by the works of Kid Koala, DJ Shadow, Coldcut, and Jamie Lidell. I am in my element when I’m digging through stacks of dusty vinyl in the back of my favorite record shops, always adding to my arsenal of sound. My love of electronic music seems to grow every year, as I continue to discover artists who break convention and push the boundaries of what is sonically possible. I hope that my passion for music represents itself in the content I create for AYNiB, inspiring others and spreading positivity.


Writer / Photographer
Born on the cliffs of Newfoundland to a mother from deep Tennessee and raised on a farm in Alberta, I’ve always felt more than little unsuited to my surroundings. My constant incongruity propelled me to travel and seek new places constantly which landed me smack in front of a bassbin six years ago. After being thoroughly rearranged by sub bass and festival life, I decided to abandon the sordid path to medical school and instead to follow my heart and pursue a degree in Creative Writing and Philosophy and pursue my passion for photography. My hobbies include cynical twitter commentary, experimental writing, editing at filling Station magazine and, of course, shaking it on dance floors all over the West coast. From glitch-hop, to all sorts of IDM, I’m enthusiastic about all things midtempo and psychedelic. From music, to fashion, to culture, to photographic documentation you can expect contributions that mirror my assorted interests.


Writer / DJ


Alex Gaynor
Writer / Photographer


Robb McCaghren

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