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5 Reasons why is the #1 source for all your festival fashion needs

From junglist to hippie, steampunk to hipster and everything inbetween. One of the thousands of shops on has that perfect something to compliment your own personal style. Here is a list of 5 reasons your next shopping trip should be online.

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1) Shop in your Pj’s

Feeling run down from a night of partying and feel like if you go out you’ll hiss at the sun like a vampire and run back inside? That’s where online shopping is one of the most amazing inventions on this planet. Honestly, I personally find “window shopping” on Etsy in the comfort of my home far more enjoyable then dealing with the insanity that is a shopping mall.

2) Never miss out again

Before Etsy the only place you could ever find those unique clothing and accessory items you drool over at a festival in the vendors section was usually at other festivals! Your walking by and something grabs your eye but then your friends spot you and say something like “OMG, Tipper is playing a surprise set at so and so stage RIGHT NOW! You gotta join us!” The next thing you know, the festival is over and your packing up your stuff and suddenly remember about that item. Whoops!

credit: Maya Handmade

3) Do the good thing

Feel good about yourself and get that extra karma boost by supporting amazing and talented independent artisans from all over the world. I purchased an amazing ear cuff off from Maya Handmade in Slovenia. Every-time I wear it out I get compliments from strangers about how much they love my earring. Telling them it’s from this online Etsy shop in Slovenia always makes me feel special. I wear all my purchases from Etsy shops with pride.

4) Just for you

Custom clothing is the way to go! We all have different body shapes and finding something that fits you perfectly can be a challenge sometimes. Getting something custom tailored to fit you like a glove is a magical feeling. Most shops on Etsy ask you to send your measurements and will do any personal customization requests as well. Now you will own something that was created just for you!

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5) Always get what you love

Are you one of those people that your love ones claim your hard to buy presents for? Make a favorites list on Etsy and share it. Now, don’t be surprised next time your lucky enough to receive a present from someone it’s actually something you wanted and will love forever!

Depending on what your personal style is, has even more reasons it’s the #1 choice for your personal festival fashion needs. If you haven’t tried shopping on there yet, I highly recommend taking a peek! Just keep in mind if you want something custom for this festival season you might want to order now. Custom items usually take 3-4 weeks.

Do you have a favorite store? Share the love below in our comments section!

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