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Junglist Salvation Found at the 2013 403DNBBQ Weekender

This is the start of our 2013 festival season reviews. What a year! For the following few weeks you can expect to see stories and reviews from the AYNIB crew from these festivals: 403DNBBQ Weekender, Believe Freedom Festival, Lightning in a Bottle, What the Festival, Bass Coast, Shambhala, U4eeYah and Burning Man.


We had finally made it to Calgary around midnight after a 14 hour detour from Revelstoke. We were only 4.5 hours away that morning but awoke to chaos on the phone. The Number 1 Highway was closed from Golden to Banff due to multiple wash outs and mud slides.

Now, Calgary was declaring its own state of emergency and advising communities along the rivers to evacuate just in case they flooded over night. Many of us went to bed that night thinking nothing was going to happen except for a few flooded million dollar mansion basements and washed out bike paths.  Instead, we awoke to this:

Luckily, we were safe in a community high, dry and far from a river.  From what we could tell, the weekender was also located in a safe and dry place. The only problem was how we were going to get there. Calgary was underwater, many roads out of the city were closed.  Everyone from the mayor to our loved ones were advising us to stay home.

But, being the true junglists that we are, there was no way we were going to let a flood stop us from attending the jungle event of the year. The 403DNBBQ Weekender located 40 minutes outside of Calgary at the Stoney Nakoda Resort and Casino in Morley, Alberta was still a go. We had already traveled a total of 20 hours through hell and back from Vancouver to be at this event, it was now time to finish our journey to sweet sweet jungle salvation.

We found our route out of the city and had to drive through 2 lakes on the highway before we saw the flashing lights of a road block up ahead. To our luck, this road block was right at our exit for the event! Hooray!! We made it! We checked into our room and embarked back downstairs to begin our DNB weekender.


While there was an obvious lack of the BBQ to the DNBBQ, the DNB portion of the entire weekend was out of control. Mad props go to 403DNB whom managed to keep their shit together in spite of a natural disaster.  Many people had evacuated their homes and a sweet hotel on high ground playing DNB provided a much needed stress release. The hospitality of the Stoney Nakoda Resort & Casino was outstanding. Even though they were short staffed, everyone went out of the way to keep us fed, comfortable and partying for the entire weekend.

403DNBBQ-Weekender-NoisiaThe party definitely had that old school vibe, except this time the jungle room wasn’t some change-room.  Instead, it was the main stage. A huge tent with a wall of PK speakers and a massive lineup including heavyweights Phantasy, TC, Noisia, Futurebound accompanied by MCs Skibadee and Harry Shotta. With friendly smiling faces in the crowd all weekend long, I think everyone was stoked to make it to this show dedicated to the broken beat we love. All styles of DNB were portrayed from tech step, to jump up, to liquid and even ragga.

One of the greatest things about the weekender was that it had options. If you weren’t diggin’ the jump up or it was getting a bit too tech heavy for you, you could walk around to the renegade stage, take your chances in the casino, find a hotel room party to crash, or start your own! The entire event was top notch and we truly hope this does become an annual event. Junglists need a full weekend of DNB to satisfy us and there’s no one better than the 403DNB crew to fill this gap.




Check out some of the the feedback posted on 403DNB’s Facebook Event Page. It sounds like many had the time of their lives:

[quote]”Almost a week later… and when I sleep, I still dream about the madness.. must have been good” – Phoenix S[/quote]

[quote]”Almost been a week later but I am still in awe at what a GREAT weekend this was ^_^ can’t wait till next year!!!!” – Taylor L[/quote]

[quote]”Thanks for a fun, inspiring, and good-for-the-soul time! DNB heads are so dedicated!” – Eileen[/quote]

[quote]”Thank you 403DNB for hosting such a legendary event. Such an amaing time with amazing people. Great to see such world class talent in spite of the flooding and evacuations at home.” – Dave[/quote]

[quote]”Big ups 403DNB for making my weekend amazing and one for the books. Was well worth the drive from Winnipeg. Much love to all!” – Charles[/quote]

It’s tough to pick the top sets of the weekend, but we wouldn’t be junglists unless we had an opinion on the music. So here is our top sets:

  • Nosia
  • Spiral Architects
  • TC
  • Big Worm
  • Hush & Constance with Crooked Cuts (on the renegade stage)

If you haven’t already read our pre-event coverage, check out these past articles:

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403DNBBQ Weekender Prep Guide – We have some great tips for not just this weekend, but most events! Plus a ton of article coverage from Dubselekta, DJ Mag, and a ton of mixes from all the artists.


We also want to send a special shout out to the Stoney Nakoda Resort and Stoney Nakoda First Nation for hosting this event. There was flooding all throughout the area and much of the staff were personally affected by the disaster. Throughout this tragedy all the staff were friendly and keept it light with jokes.  They made everyone feel welcome. There is a significant amount of damage and relief needed to help them rebuild. If you had a good time at this event and want to show some friendly gratitude, please consider donating to Stoney Nakoda Flood Relief Fund 2013. Any amount will help rebuild their community and ensure recovery from this disaster. The Stoney Nation doesn’t have the large corporate and oil resources that many other cities and communities have in Alberta to rebuild. The devastation is tremendous and rebuilding could take years. Let’s help out a community that fully welcomed our community with open arms. Any amount will go a long way to directly helping those impacted by the floods. You can donate through the Royal Bank and tax receipts are available..

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